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Siri Broch Johansen. 2007

Siri Broch Johansen (born 9 March 1967) is a Sami author, singer, and textbook author from Tana, Finnmark. She is also language leader at the Samisk Nærings- og Utredningssenter in Tana.

She trains teachers and teaches Sami language and has a great deal of experience of working with the Sami language, and has formerly taught in Kåfjord, Troms. She has also written and edited a textbook on indigenous peoples of the north.


  • 1992 Opp av brønnen – Poetry
  • 1997 Mii leat ain dás (Vi er ennå her) – textbook on indigenous peoples of the North (ISBN 82-7374-250-4)
  • 2001 Mearrasámit
  • 2005 Sámi skuvlahistorjá 1 (Sami school history) (ISBN 82-7374-575-9)
  • 2007 Sámi skuvlahistorjá 2 (Sami school history) (ISBN 978-82-7374-666-5)
  • 2009 Sámi skuvlahistorjá 3 (Sami school history) (ISBN 978-82-7374-730-3)

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