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"Sing" is the first single by The Dresden Dolls duo, taken from the second studio album Yes, Virginia.... It was never released in shops, only as a promo for radio stations. The music video, directed by Michael Pope, prominently featured living statues[1] and centered on the plotline of a video of the Dresden Dolls playing the song being sent to various people in different locations and occupations. It also featured the band performing on a stage.

The Dresden Dolls - Sing.jpg
Single by The Dresden Dolls
from the album Yes, Virginia...
ReleasedMarch 31, 2006
GenreDark Cabaret
LabelRoadrunner Records
Songwriter(s)Amanda Palmer
The Dresden Dolls singles chronology
"Coin-Operated Boy"

There are two versions of the song, the version on the final album with the opening lyric "There is this thing that's like touching except you don't touch", and the original version available on promo copies of the album which is identical, save an alternate opening lyric, "There is this thing that's like fucking except you don't fuck."

"Sing" also hit many top 50 modern rock charts[which?] in April, 2006.

The song was covered by The Red Paintings on their Feed the Wolf EP (2007).



  1. ^ Palmer, Amanda (2006-01-19). "CALL FOR LIVING STATUES for video shoot". Theshadowbox.Net. Retrieved 2012-03-18. listen closely, my lovelies we are in need of a few extra experiences living statues for the february music video shoot (would be anywhere between feb 4th and the 12th). if you've done a statue at a show and feel confidant, or if you have acting or modelling experience and know you can hold poses, you can do this. standing still is hard work. what i need to see is PHOTOS of you that prove you are a legit maker of statueness. post 'em here and i'll pm you to get your email addresses if i think we can use you. we're also looking for certain heights/ages/types so don't be sad or insulted if i don't get back to you....we're racing against the clock to put this one together. we especially need males. if you have acting experience and want to pm me with your email address and a convincing argument, that's can send me a resume etc and if i think you're qualified, you're on. you would need to be available IN BOSTON - i don't care if you want to fly from finland - for a few days (at most) and you would need to be able to put together a costume for approval (to our specs....we have a THING planned, the statues are actual historical icons) and bring it to boston within the next few weeks to model for pope while he whacks off in the corner. just kidding. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO COME TO BOSTON BEFOREHAND TO GET YOUR COSTUME APPROVED. then you would come to the land of the video shoot in boston and see how boring and difficult it is to be in a music video (involves hours of make-up melting off your face and stale donuts). fine print: this is a pro music video shoot. you cannot be late for anything. and sadly, nobody gets paid, we're already struggling with serious budget issues. but you get lots of our love and maybe you'll find a wife at the wrap party. love a

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