Simeon Edmunds (1917 – 1969) was a British psychical researcher and writer on hypnotism.[1]

Simeon Edmunds
Simeon Edmunds psychical researcher.png
OccupationPsychical researcher, skeptic of spiritualism


Edmunds was a research secretary for the College of Psychic Science and member of the Society for Psychical Research. He was the associate editor of the Tomorrow magazine.[2]

He is most well known for his skeptical books on spiritualism.[1] His 1965 booklet Spirit Photography was published by the Society for Psychical Research. It exposed the fraudulent methods involved in producing spirit photographs.[3][4] According to Edmunds "not one professional spirit photographer of any note ever escaped convincing exposure as fraudulent."[5]

His 1961 work, Hypnotism and the Supernormal was described in a review as a "classic and serious study".[6] Psychologist L. Börje Löfgren has noted that although Edmunds considered many mediums to be fraudulent he was not critical when it came to reports of psychic phenomena.[7]

In 2016, Edmunds booklet Spirit Photography was republished in limited quantities.[8]


  • Hypnotism and the Supernormal, Aquarian Press, London (1961)
  • Miracles of the Mind: An Introduction to Parapsychology (1965)
  • Spirit Photography (1965)
  • Spiritualism: A Critical Survey (1966)
  • Hypnosis: Key to Psychic Powers (1968)
  • Hypnotism and Psychic Phenomena [reprint of Hypnotism and the Supernormal] (1974)
  • ESP, Extrasensory Perception (1975)
  • The Psychic Power of Hypnosis (1981)


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