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Simbionix is a line of surgical simulators that are used in medical schools to simulate surgical procedures.[1]



Simbionix was founded in 1998 by Ran Bronstein, Edna Chosack and David Barkay,[2] with research and development based out of Israel.[3] Today Simbionix is the name of a medical and surgical training simulation product line.[4]


The company creates 3D virtual reality surgical simulators and medical education resources, used by medical students to learn how to perform medical procedures and surgeries.[5] One of its first simulators was the GI Mentor for upper and lower gastroenterology procedures.[6] In 2013 they released the ANGIO Mentor Suite for endovascular training.[7] As of 2014 the company has designed simulators for sixty different interventional procedures within eight surgical specialties, on sixteen simulation platforms.[8] That year the company released its Simbionix RobotiX Mentor for training on robotic surgery.[9] In 2017 the company released its SPINE Mentor to help learners master minimally invasive spine surgery.[10]

In 2014 Simbionix was acquired for $120 million by 3D Systems, a NYSE traded company,[11][12] which continues to sell the Simbionix simulators.[13] The simulators are updated over time to keep pace with changes in the medical industry.[14] Simulations provide real-time feedback for the trainees.[15] About three thousand simulators are in use globally.[2]


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