Silvery Dust

Silvery Dust (Russian: Серебристая пыль, romanizedSerebristaya pyl) is a 1953 Soviet science fiction drama film directed by Pavel Armand and Abram Room and starring Mikhail Bolduman, Sofiya Pilyavskaya and Valentina Ushakova.[1]

Silvery Dust
Silver Powder.jpg
Directed byPavel Armand
Abram Room
Written byAleksandr Filimonov
August Jakobson
Music byMikhail Chulaki
CinematographyEduard Tisse
Release date
19 October 1953
Running time
102 minutes
CountrySoviet Union


The film takes place in the United States. Samuel Steal is a scientist with only one life purpose - to become rich. The professor invents a powerful new weapon of mass destruction; a deadly radioactive silver-gray powder. To possess Steal's invention, a struggle between two military-industrial behemoth trusts involving gangsters begins.



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