Silverdale, Nottingham

Silverdale Estate is a place in Wilford, Nottingham, England.

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Monksway, Silverdale in May 2009
Silverdale is located in Nottinghamshire
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Constructed by George Wimpey in the late 1950s on land from the former Wilwell Farm. Bounded by the Clifton Estate, Fairham Brook, Compton Acres (formerly the Wilford Brick Works) and the former Great Central Railway then after the 1923 re-grouping London, Midland and Scottish Railway and London and North Eastern Railway Manchester to Marylebone Station rail line, Wilford Village and Ruddington Village.

Whilst the land was originally Wilwell Farm, residents consider themselves part of Wilford. As the land is part of the Parish of Wilford. George Wimpey initially wanted to continue the massive house building exercise it began in Clifton, but had to wait until NCC agreed to its construction and ultimately granted permission to commence. Not initially known as 'Silverdale' it was the Ruddington Lane Estate.

Constructed as a private estate unlike Clifton to its east more than 450 brick dwellings were built over a three-year period. Built with only one access road, but several footpaths, it had no direct public transport service. Silverdale did not and still does not have its own schools, Government or otherwise.

Additionally, two streets, Fieldway and Barnfield were built in 1959/60, a continuation of Monksway / now Stanthorne Close, originally part of the estate. With the construction of the A52 Clifton Boulevard or "New Road" to locals. These two streets were separated from Monksway and joined by an underpass, which served Ruddington Lane (B680) and access to Bartons Buses. Originally double decker bus routes 14 and 56, but later the single deck coaches.

A similar underpass connecting Newholm Drive and Launceston Crescent through to Ruddington Lane and access to the then Corpus Christi RC School. The writer recalls many occasions, negotiating the Newholm underpass "over" the iron railings/spikes to play football on the Corpus Christi playing fields.

Constructed with its own Public House at the entrance to the estate on the corner of the A52 and A453. The Clifton Bridge Inn or "The Ponderosa" to the locals and small shopping precinct built on Monksway. The original retailers being, hairdresser, chemist, dry cleaners, off licence, Forbuoys newsagents, butcher, Lipton grocers, hardware and Fruiterer. Over time these shops have changed business and some are now vacant. 'Pets and Gardens' was a household supplies shop that also sold a fantastic selection of model cars. Mostly, Corgi and Matchbox. Mr and Mrs Stevenson ran the shop with the help of their two children, Paul and Elaine.

A community centre was constructed in the early 1970s from donations by the Silverdale residents in the form of "Buy a Brick." Silverdale residents also conducted fund raising on Sundays over a period of approximately twelve months. A youth club was the initial idea and was well supplied with activities and supported by the local youth. Located on The Downs, near the footpath connecting Clifton to Silverdale and schools.

Silverdale did boast a football team, Silverdale United albeit short-lived, in the early 1970s. They were successful in England and Europe. Attending one competition in Winnipeg Canada. Playing its home games on the playing fields alongside Brookthrope Way and drawing its players from the estate and Clifton.

As Silverdale has no schools early children were able to access several primary and comprehensive schools in Clifton, Corpus Christi RC School on nearby Ruddington Lane and other public schools in Nottingham.

The schools listed below were accessed on foot along an unsealed 'track' A Silverdale resident decided that the then rough 'track' connecting Silverdale to Clifton and more importantly to the Comprehensive schools in Clifton, should be sealed and lighting provided. After several months of letter writing the NCC agreed to seal and light the as then unnamed footpath.

Residents dubbed this 'The Black Path.' So named as the few lights seldom worked and the upper end of the path had on one side a small copse, which was also home to a Scout Group. The lack of natural light also played its part in the path's nickname. Starting at the small bridge near the Community Centre, along the Brook and turning right and continuing up towards Farnborough School Technology College and out on to Farnborough Road. The path is now known as "Silverdale Walk".

Education around SilverdaleEdit

Children also access South Wilford CofE Primary School, Wilford and several other senior public schools located in Nottingham CBD.

Fairham Comprehensive School for Boys was located nearby on Clifton Estate. A number of lads from Silverdale Estate attended Fairham Comp in the 60's and 70's.

Fairham BrookEdit

Fairham Brook from which the (now closed) Fairham Comprehensive School took its name, runs through the low lying flood plain between Clifton and Silverdale, to the River Trent.

On several occasions "The Brook" as it is known to locals flooded across large tracts of land. Housing in Silverdale or Clifton was not affected, as the land is higher. Several playing fields were flooded for approximately two weeks. With the construction of the former Brooksby Primary School, its course was diverted. The writer of this entry recalls two floods in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Causing much merriment as 'no school today' was the cry. The NCC Education Dept, funded a raised footpath from the school gate on the Clifton side of Fairham Brook to the higher ground close to the Brooksby Primary School buildings, so alleviating any lost academic activity for students.

The second flood occurred after the flood bank stabilisation project had been completed in the early 1970s. The floodbank, the writer recalls, was a success and the playing fields on the Silverdale Estate were under water for two weeks. The NCC playground, Silverdale Community Centre and access to both Brooksby, [Farnborough] and [Fairham] schools was unimpeded. The floodbank at several points on The Downs and Brookthrope Way did start to subside, though 'experts at the time' declared this to be 'quite normal'.[citation needed]

Large parts of Fairham Brook are now protected and form part of the Sites of Special Scientific Interest in the immediate area. It is open to the public, even though initially created as a nature reserve for students of Fairham College.

As far as wildlife goes it boosts a large number of fish including chub, perch, roach, gudgeon, brown trout, bleak and barbel. Kingfishers, otters, water rails, herons and a number of different birds have been sighted as well

Silverdale todayEdit

The Downs
The Hollows

In April 2008 The NCC approved plans for the re-development of the former Brooksby Primary School site, as an Aged Care facility. Replacing a similar facility on Sturgeon Avenue "The Spinney" and to increase the numbers of beds for residents in the Silverdale and Wilford areas. (Source Nottingham Evening Post 29/05/09)

A long overdue bike track / walking track was built alongside The Brook in the late 1990s. From the small bridge, across The Brook that 'joined' Clifton with Silverdale. Along the south bank of The Brook, behind the Community Centre, with an 'intersection' directly opposite and up to Monksway. Continuing along the same bank again, alongside the playing fields and The Brook, finally meeting up with the road intersections of Clifton Lane and Westerfield Way.

The Silverdale Community Centre is widely used by local residents for various community and sporting activities. Families make use of its pre-school and child care programs.

Bus serviceEdit

The initial public transport to Silverdale did not enter the estate. Bartons Buses Trent Barton and the former Nottingham City Transport (NCT) provided existing services from Ruddington Lane and Clifton Boulevard. In recent times, the NCT has provided a 7-day service to Silverdale from Monksway.

Nottingham Community Transport

  • L1: Nottingham - Trent Bridge - Wilford Lane - Wilford Village - Silverdale.
  • L22/L23: Silverdale - Clifton - Ruddington - West Bridgford - Gamston.

Tram ServiceEdit

The Nottingham Express Transit (NET) Phoenix Park to Clifton South Line runs along, in part, the old GCR line and exit behind the Silverdale Estate, through farmland and exit on Farnborough Road, near Farnborough School Technology College. This line serves residents of Silverdale with the nearest stops on Ruddington Lane in Wilford and Southchurch Drive in Clifton.[2] After severe delays during construction, the NET Phase 2 tramlines in Nottingham became operational in 2015.

Silverdale PlayGround/Playing FieldsEdit

Source of many childhood games especially on the field as many children play hide and seek and football. The park has been revamped in the '90s and is a nice area for children to play

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