Silver Lion

The Silver Lion (or Leone d'Argento) refers to a number of awards presented at the Venice Film Festival. The prize is awarded irregularly and has gone through several changes of purpose. Until 1995, the award was infrequently given to a number of films as second prize for those nominated for the Golden Lion. At various times, the Silver Lion has also been awarded for debut films, short films, and direction.

Silver Lion
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Since 1998, Silver Lion for Best Direction has begun to become an annual award presented for best directing achievements in a feature film at official competition section.

Silver Lion for Best Direction (1990–present)Edit

Year Director Film Original title Nationality of director
1990 (47th) Martin Scorsese Goodfellas   United States
1998 (55th) Emir Kusturica Black Cat, White Cat Црна мачка, бели мачор / Crna mačka, beli mačor   FR Yugoslavia
1999 (56th) Zhang Yuan Seventeen Years 過年回家 / guò nián huí jiā   China
2000 (57th) Buddhadeb Dasgupta Uttara (The Wrestlers) উত্তরা / Uttara   India
2001 (58th) Babak Payami Secret Ballot رأی مخفی / Ra'ye makhfi   Iran
2002 (59th) Lee Chang-dong Oasis 오아시스 / Oasiseu   South Korea
2003 (60th) Takeshi Kitano Zatōichi (The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi) 座頭市 / Zatōichi   Japan
2004 (61st) Kim Ki-duk 3-Iron 빈집 / Bin-jip   South Korea
2005 (62nd) Philippe Garrel Regular Lovers Les Amants réguliers   France
2006 (63rd) Alain Resnais Private Fears in Public Places Cœurs
2007 (64th) Brian De Palma Redacted   United States
2008 (65th) Aleksei Alekseivich German Paper Soldier Бумажный солдат / Bumazhnyy soldat   Russia
2009 (66th) Shirin Neshat Women Without Men   Iran
2010 (67th) Álex de la Iglesia The Last Circus Balada triste de trompeta   Spain
2011 (68th) Cai Shangjun People Mountain People Sea 人山人海 / Rén shān rén hǎi   China
2012 (69th) Paul Thomas Anderson The Master   United States
2013 (70th) Alexandros Avranas Miss Violence   Greece
2014 (71st) Andrei Konchalovsky The Postman's White Nights Белые ночи почтальона Алексея Тряпицына / Belye nochi pochtalona Alekseya Tryapitsyna   Russia
2015 (72nd) Pablo Trapero The Clan El Clan   Argentina
2016 (73rd) Amat Escalante The Untamed La región salvaje   Mexico
Andrei Konchalovsky Paradise Рай / Ray   Russia
2017 (74th) Xavier Legrand Custody Jusqu'à la garde   France
2018 (75th) Jacques Audiard The Sisters Brothers
2019 (76th) Roy Andersson About Endlessness Om det oändliga   Sweden
2020 (77th) Kiyoshi Kurosawa Wife of a Spy スパイの妻   Japan

Defunct AwardsEdit

Silver Lion Prize (1953–1994)Edit

From 1953 to 1957, the Silver Lion was awarded to a number of films nominated for the Golden Lion as a second prize. Since 1988, the Silver Lion has been given to one or more films nominated for the Golden Lion.

Silver Lion for Best First Work (1982)Edit

Silver Lion for Best First Film (1983–1987)Edit

Silver Lion for Best Screenplay (1990)Edit

  • 1990 – Sirup by Helle Ryslinge

Silver Lion for Best Short Film (1996–2007)Edit

Silver Lion for Revelation (2006)Edit


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