Silver Heads

Silver Heads (Russian: Серебряные головы, romanizedSerebryanniye golovy) is a 1998 Russian science fiction film directed by Yevgeny Yufit.[1]

Silver Heads
Directed byYevgeny Yufit
Written byVladimir Maslov
Yevgeny Yufit
  • Tatiana Verkhovskaya
  • Vasily Deryagin
  • Valery Krishtapenko
Music byGiya Kancheli
CinematographyAleksandr Burov
Edited byE. Karpova
A. Burmistrova
Release date
  • 1998 (1998)
Running time
82 minutes


Scientists begin to conduct a secret experiment, the purpose of which is to study the interaction of man and tree in the course of their interfusion — through the fusion of human and tree molecules. The conceived experiment is far-fetched, but the result, which scientists expect to get, is very tempting — the man-tree will be stable with respect to the aggressive environment, durable, very unpretentious ...

A small group of scientists is sent to a remote forest range, who want to be both researchers and experimental participants. However, the forest is not deserted, as scientists thought. Firstly, there lives a forester with his family (wife and son) and a dog. Secondly, strange creatures wander through the forest, left here after a previous phantasmagorical experiment.


  • Tatiana Verkhovskaya
  • Vasily Deryagin
  • Valery Krishtapenko
  • Nikolai Marton
  • Vladimir Maslov
  • Alexander Polovtsev
  • Sergey Chernov
  • Daniil Zinchenko


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