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The Argentine Film Critics Association (Spanish: Asociación de Cronistas Cinematográficos de la Argentina) is an organization of Argentine-based journalists and correspondents. The association presents the Silver Condor Awards (Premios Cóndor de Plata) honoring achievements in Argentine cinema. The awards are considered Argentina's equivalent of the Academy Awards.

Silver Condor Award

The association was organized on July 10, 1942, and the annual awards have been given since 1943, with breaks in between.[1][2] The Argentine Film Critics Association is a member of the International Federation of Film Critics, also known as FIPRESCI.[2]

Silver CondorEdit

The Silver Condor (Cóndor de Plata) is awarded in various categories, the best Ibero-American film, and the best foreign film. A Special Condor is sometimes presented, and the Career Condor is awarded on a regular basis. According to the Internet Movie Database the association has given awards in the following years: 1943–1957, 1959–1974, 1981–1983, 1985–present.[3]

As of March 2019 the Secretary General of the association is Juan Pablo Russo.


Current Award CategoriesEdit

This is a list of the 24 prize categories presented at the last award ceremony on the 13th of August 2018:[4]

Former Award CategoriesEdit

Prize categories that have been awarded in the past, but are currently not given, include:


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