Silvana sin lana (stylized as Silvana $in lana) is an American telenovela written by Sandra Velasco for Telemundo.[1][2] It is an original story by Rodrigo Bastidas and Elena Muñoz, adapted by Sandra Velasco and directed by Luis Manzo and Ricardo Schwarz, and as executive producer Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja.[3] The show is a remake of the Chilean version Pituca Sin Lucas.[4] It premiered on July 19, 2016.[5]

Silvana sin lana
Created byFiorella Urioste
Written by
  • Luis Miguel Martínez
  • Sandra Velasco
Story by
  • Rodrigo Bastidas
  • Elena Múñoz
Directed by
  • Luis Manzo
  • Ricardo Schwarz
Creative directorPedro de Larrechea
Theme music composer
  • Carlos Ponce
  • Joel Someillan
Opening theme"Qué bonito es lo bonito" performed by Carlos Ponce
Country of originUnited States
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes121
Executive producerCarmen Cecilia Urbaneja
ProducerAimée Godínez
EditorEllery Albarran
Camera setupMulti-camera
Original release
ReleaseJuly 19, 2016 (2016-07-19) –
January 16, 2017 (2017-01-16)

The series stars Maritza Rodríguez as Silvana, Carlos Ponce as Manuel, Marimar Vega as Stella and Adriana Barraza as Trinidad.[3]

Synopsis edit

Silvana "Chivis" (Maritza Rodríguez), is a wealthy socialite with three daughters. When her husband flees from police before he’s arrested for fraud, Chivis and her family are left broke and homeless. She is forced to move to a modest middle class neighborhood of working people. Here she meets her neighbor Manuel (Carlos Ponce), who owns a seafood business located in a large fish market. Manuel, his daughter and three sons are wary of everyone from high society and have issues with people who come from that social class. Once they meet, though, the attraction builds, but they do their utmost not to disrupt the balance of their lives and their families’ lives, regarding the difference in social status to be an obstacle to the love they feel.

Cast edit

Main edit

Recurring edit

  • Marcela Guirado as María José Villaseñor[7]
  • Ricardo Abarca as Vicente Gallardo[8]
  • Thali García as María de los Ángeles Villaseñor[7]
  • Alexandra Pomales as Lucía Gallardo[8]
  • Briggitte Bozzo as María Guadalupe Villaseñor[7]
  • Santiago Torres as Pedrito Gallardo[8]
  • Patricio Gallardo as Jorge Gallardo[8]
  • Roberto Escobar as Antonio José Villaseñor
  • Samantha Dagnino as Margarita Hernández
  • Raury Rolander as Alfonso "Poncho" Archundia
  • Vince Miranda as Andres Montenegro
  • Javier Valcárcel Domingo "Dominique" Gomez
  • Eduardo Ibarrola as Don Benito de Mendoza
  • Aniluli Muñecas as Jennifer
  • Martha Pabón as Laura de Montenegro
  • Ana Carolina Grajales as Alejandra
  • Andres Cortino as Juanito
  • Estefany Oliveira as Genesis
  • Gabriel Tarantini as Benjamin González
  • Carl Mergenthaler as Rafael Linares
  • Samantha Lopez as Juanita Gallardo
  • Denise Novell as Fashionista

Awards and nominations edit

Year Award Category Nominated Result
2017 Miami Life Awards[9] Best Female Lead in a Telenovela Maritza Rodríguez Nominated[9]
Best Male Lead in a Telenovela Carlos Ponce Nominated[9]
Best Supporting Actress Alexandra Pomales Won[9]
Samantha Dagnino Nominated[9]
Best Supporting Actor Javier Valcárcel Nominated[9]
Ricardo Abarca Nominated[9]
Young Actress Mylena Barrios Won[9]
Ginna Rodríguez Won[9]
Best telenovela Silvana sin lana Nominated[9]
Your World Awards[10][11] Favorite Series Silvana sin lana Nominated[10][11]
Favorite Lead Actor Carlos Ponce Nominated[10][11]
Favorite Lead Actress Maritza Rodríguez Nominated[10][11]
The Best Bad Girl Marimar Vega Nominated[10][11]
Favorite Actor Ricardo Abarca Nominated[10][11]
Favorite Actress Adriana Barraza Nominated[10][11]
The Perfect Couple Carlos Ponce and Maritza Rodríguez Nominated[10][11]
The Best Actor with Bad Luck Carlos Ponce Nominated[10][11]

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