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Silly Beggar – The World's Stupidest Begging Letters is a book by Scottish author James Spence. The book was published on 14 May 2009 by Aurora Metro, and is a collection of comedy begging letters sent to companies, together with the replies and images of items the sender received. Letters included in the book were sent to such companies as Shell, Hovis, Boots and Starbucks.

Silly Beggar - The World's Stupidest Begging Letters
Silly Beggar.jpg
AuthorJames Spence
Cover artistJames Spence
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreHumour, correspondence
PublisherAurora Metro
Publication date
14 May 2009
Media typePrint (paperback)
Pages200 pp (first edition paperback)

Some newspapers including the Daily Mirror[1] and the Daily Record[2] ran full page articles about the book and the author was interviewed in various media including Chris Evans Drivetime on BBC Radio 2,[3] MacAulay and Co on BBC Radio Scotland[4] and Richard & Judy's New Position on the Watch channel.[5]


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