The sieges of Toishi castle (砥石崩れ, Toishi kuzure, "Rout of Toishi") took place during Takeda Shingen's campaign to take over Shinano Province. His army, led by Sanada Yukitaka, began besieging the castle in 1550. The defending lord, Murakami Yoshikiyo, held out until the following year, but his garrison suffered over 1,000 casualties, and was ultimately forced to surrender.

Sieges of Toishi
Part of Sengoku period

Toishi Castle
Location36°25′28.124″N 138°17′29.418″E / 36.42447889°N 138.29150500°E / 36.42447889; 138.29150500
Result Takeda victory
Takeda Shingen takes Toishi
Takeda clan Murakami clan [ja]
Commanders and leaders
Sanada Yukitaka
Yokota Takatoshi
Murakami Yoshikiyo
4,000 3,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown 1,000+ killed
Sieges of Toishi is located in Nagano Prefecture
Sieges of Toishi
Location within Nagano Prefecture
Sieges of Toishi is located in Japan
Sieges of Toishi
Sieges of Toishi (Japan)
Toishi Castle

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