Siege of Tabriz (1501)

The siege of Tabriz took place in 1501 just after the Safavids had defeated the Aq Qoyunlu in the Battle of Sarur. In the preceding battle the Aq Qoyunlus army was 4 times bigger than the Safavid army.[1] After the siege Ismail I chose Tabriz as his capital and proclaimed himself Shahanshah of Iran.[2][3][4]

Siege of Tabriz
Ismail declares himself shah by entering Tabriz, Chingiz Mehbaliyev.jpg
Ismail declares himself shah by entering Tabriz, painter Chingiz Mehbaliyev, in private collection.
Tabriz, Iran
Result Safavid victory.
Safavids capture Tabriz.
Safavid dynasty Aq Qoyunlu
Commanders and leaders
Shah Ismail I


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