Siege of Santo Domingo of 1808

The siege of Santo Domingo (1808) (Spanish: Sitio de Santo Domingo de 1808) was the second and final major battle of the Spanish reconquest of Santo Domingo and was fought between November 7, 1808 and July 11, 1809 at Santo Domingo, Captaincy General of Santo Domingo. A force of Dominican and Puerto Rican of 1,850 troops led by Gen. Juan Sánchez Ramírez, with a naval blockaded by British Commander Hugh Lyle Carmichael, besieged and captured the city of Santo Domingo after an 8 months garrisoning of 2,000 troops of the French Army led by General Dubarquier.

Siege of Santo Domingo (1808)
Part of the Spanish reconquest of Santo Domingo

Map of the situation of the colony of Santo Domingo (1800) during the War of the Reconquest between France and the Anglo-Spanish alliance
Date7 November 1808 – 11 July 1809

Dominican victory

  • End of French rule
Colony of Santo Domingo
 United Kingdom
Commanders and leaders
Gen. Juan Sánchez Ramírez
United Kingdom Comm. Hugh Lyle Carmichael
France Gen. Dubarquier Surrendered
1,850 regulars and militia
6 frigates
2,000 regulars

Background edit

Upon hearing the news of Napoleon's invasion of Spain in 1808, Juan Sánchez Ramírez launched a war against the French troops who were nominally controlling the island. After some initial defeats, the loyalists managed a key victory in November, in the Battle of Palo Hincado, where Sánchez Ramírez's 2,000 soldiers overwhelmed Gen. Louis Ferrand's 600. There, with his numbers diminished owing to the desertion of Dominicans, the French commander faced certain defeat.

Ferrand's pride was so wounded that he killed himself after the defeat. This would not stop the French, however, and General Dubarquier took over the fight. He resorted to enlisting Dominican slaves to fight against Sánchez Ramírez. Only with the help of the British Jamaicans could the loyalists expel the French, an event that would finally come to pass in 1809, the year in which British gunships fired into Santo Domingo, prompting Barquier to surrender the island.

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