Siege of Santa Maura (1684)

The siege of Santa Maura took place on 21 July – 6 August 1684 between the forces of the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire, and was the opening battle of the Sixth Ottoman–Venetian War.

Siege of Santa Maura
Part of the Sixth Ottoman–Venetian War
and the War of the Holy League
Piazza di Sta Maura - Peeters Jacob - 1686.jpg
Engraving of the castle's bombardment by the Venetian fleet (Jacob Peeters, 1686)
DateJuly 21 – August 6, 1684
Result Venetian victory

 Republic of Venice

  • Greek volunteers

Ottoman Empire

  • Albanian and Greek auxilaries
Commanders and leaders
Francesco Morosini Bekir Agha
38 galleys
8 galleasses
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

From his base at Corfu the Venetian commander-in-chief, Francesco Morosini, led a fleet of 38 galleys, 8 galleasses and several auxiliary vessels (many of them provided by the Greeks of the Ionian Islands) to besiege the Fortress of Santa Maura on the island of Lefkada (also known as Santa Maura), that was under Ottoman rule. The besieging forces were swelled by Greek levies and volunteers from the Ionian Islands. The siege lasted until 6 August, when the commander Bekir Agha, bowing to pressure from the 500 Albanians and 200 Greeks in the fortress garrison, surrendered to the Greco-Venetian noble Angelo Delladecima.[1]


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