The siege of Gaeta was a siege during the War of Polish Succession fought at Gaeta, Italy. The Habsburgs at Gaeta withstood four months of siege from the Bourbon armies under the Duke of Parma (the future Charles III of Spain).

Siege of Gaeta
Part of the War of the Polish Succession

Charles III of Spain at the Siege of Gaeta (1734).
By Giovanni Luigi Rocco.
Date8 April – 6 August 1734
Gaeta, Kingdom of Naples
(present-day southern Italy)
41°12′46.85″N 13°34′23.75″E / 41.2130139°N 13.5732639°E / 41.2130139; 13.5732639
Result Franco-Spanish victory
Spain Kingdom of Spain
 Kingdom of France
 Habsburg Monarchy
Commanders and leaders
Spain Duke of Parma Habsburg monarchy Count von Tattenbach
16,000 1,500

They were defeated on 6 August 1734 when the Spanish and French stormed the city. Twenty-seven years earlier, Austrian troops under Count Wirich Philipp von Daun had laid siege to Gaeta during the War of the Spanish Succession.

The Jacobite pretender Charles Edward Stuart was present for a time as an observer, his first exposure to war.[1]


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