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The Siege of Barcelona took place between 14 September and 19 October 1705 during the War of the Spanish Succession when a multinational Grand Alliance army led by Lord Peterborough, supporting the Habsburg pretender to the Spanish throne, captured the city of Barcelona from its Spanish Bourbonic defenders, most of whom then joined the Habsburg army.[1]

Siege of Barcelona
Part of War of the Spanish Succession
Setge de Barcelona de 1705.jpg
Lord Peterborough overseeing the Siege of Barcelona
Date 14 September – 19 October 1705
Location Barcelona, Principality of Catalonia, Spain
Result Grand Alliance victory.
 Dutch Republic
Spain Pro-Habsburg Spain
Spain Pro-Bourbon Spain
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of England Lord Peterborough
Kingdom of England James Stanhope
Kingdom of England Cloudesley Shovell
Dutch Republic Philips van Almonde
Spain Francisco de Velasco


8,000 regulars
3,000 militia
52 ships
40 heavy siege guns


5,000 infantry
800 cavalry
Casualties and losses
Entire garrison captured[1]

An attempted landing had been repulsed the previous year at the Battle of Barcelona (1704). Following the city's capture by Peterborough, the French and Spanish launched a concerted attempt to recapture it the following year during the Siege of Barcelona (1706), which failed. The city and entire Catalonia remained in Allied hands until 1714.


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Coordinates: 41°24′07″N 2°10′17″E / 41.40194°N 2.17139°E / 41.40194; 2.17139