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Sidus (Hangul: 싸이더스 픽쳐스, formerly called Uno Film, Sidus and Sidus FNH) is a film production and distribution company based in Seoul, South Korea. Established in 1995, the company has distributed and produced over 70 films since their founding.[1]

Sidus Corporation
Native name
FormerlyUno Film (1995-2000)
FoundedSeptember 1995 (1995-09)
FounderJames Hyung Soon Kim
Area served
South Korea, International
Key people
Handae Rhee (CEO)
Servicesdistribution, film production
ParentKT Corporation (2005-2014)
Locus Corporation (Sega Sammy Corporation) (2014-present)
SubsidiariesSidusHQ (until 2002)


Sidus was founded by James Hyung Soon Kim after taking over Uno Films, which began in 1995. The company changed its name to Sidus in 2000 and merged with EBM, a talent management firm. The talent management and film production divisions split in 2005, with the former becoming iHQ (also known as SidusHQ). Also in 2005, Sidus was acquired by KT corporation, under which Sidus began investing in and distributing domestic and foreign films.[2] In 2014, Sidus was acquired by Locus Corporation, which is headed by Sidus's original founder Kim.

Sidus has produced over 70 films and continues to work in film production, distribution and investment on an international scale.[3]



Year Title Director
1995 Money in My Account Kim Sang-jin
1996 The Rules of a Gangster Kim Sang-jin
1997 Beat Kim Sung-su
Motel Cactus Ki-Yong Park
1998 Girls' Night Out Im Sang-soo
Christmas in August Hur Jin-ho
1999 Attack the Gas Station Kim Sang-jin
City of the Rising Sun Kim Sung-su
Phantom the Submarine Gyung-chun Min
2000 Il Mare Lee Hyun-seung
Barking Dogs Never Bite Bong Joon-ho
Kilimanjaro Seung-ook Oh
The Happy Funeral Director Mun-il Jang
2001 Summertime Jae-ho Park
The Warriors Kim Sung-su
One Fine Spring Day Hur Jin-ho
Indian Summer Hyo-jeong No
Volcano High Kim Tae-kyun
Last Present Oh Ki-hwan
I Wish I Had a Wife Park Heung-sik
Kick the Moon Sang-Jin Kim
2002 Road Movie In-shik Kim
Jungle Juice Min-Ho Cho
Marriage is a Crazy Thing Yoo Ha
Funny Movie Kyu-sung Jang
No Blood No Tears Ryoo Seung-wan
Ardor Byun Young-joo
2003 Singles Chil-in Kwon
Save the Green Planet Jang Joon-hwan
My Teacher Mr. Kim Kyu-sung Jang
Memories of Murder Bong Joon-ho
2004 Arahan Ryoo Seung-wan
Lovely Rivals Jang Kyu-sung
Superstar Mr. Gam Jong-hyun Kim
Spirit of Jeet Keun Do Ha Yoo
Flying Boys Byun Young-joo
Rikidozan Song Hae-sung
A Moment to Remember John H. Lee
The Big Swindle Choi Dong-hoon
Romance of Their Own Kim Tae-kyun
2005 Blood Rain Kim Dae-seung
Heaven's Soldiers Min Joon-ki
Antarctic Journal Yim Pil-sung
Rules of Dating Han Jae-rim
Love is a Crazy Thing Seok-geun Oh
Boy Goes to Heaven Tae-yeong Yun
2006 Bar Legends Beom-gu Cho
My Scary Girl Jae-gon Son
Old Miss Diary Seok-yun Kim
Seducing Mr. Perfect Sang-woo Kim
Cruel Winter Blues Lee Jeong-beom
Tazza: The High Rollers Choi Dong-hoon
Like a Virgin Lee Hae-young
Lump of Sugar Lee Hwan-kyung
A Dirty Carnival Yoo Ha
Love Me Not Lee Cheol-ha
For Horowitz Kwon Hyung-jin
Over the Border Ahn Pan-seok
Moodori Hyeong-seon Lee
2007 Small Town Rivals Kyu-sung Jang
Femme Fatale Kyeong-hun Kang
Miss Gold Digger Yong-jib Park
Love Exposure Eon-hie Lee
2008 The Accidental Gangster Kyun-dong Yeo
Truck Kwon Hyung-jin
Radio Dayz Gi-ho Ha
The Way Seok-woo Kim
2009 The Sword With No Name Yong-gyun Kim
Kiss Me, Kill Me Yang Jong-Hyun
2010 Wedding Dress Kwon Hyung-jin
Grand Prix Yang Yun-ho
Villain and Widow Jae-gon Son
The Housemaid Im Sang-soo
2011 Countdown Huh Jong-Ho
The Showdown Park Hoon-jung
Couples Jeong Yong-ki
2014 Tazza: The Hidden Card Kang Hyeong-cheol
2019 Tazza: One Eyed Jack Kwon Oh-kwang
2020 Time to Hunt Yoon Sung-hyun


TV and web seriesEdit

Year Title Director Platform
2022 Internal Medicine Park Won Jang Seo Jung-beom TVING


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