Sidi Khaled

Sidi Khaled is a town in Algeria. It is located in the province of Biskra, famous for its oasis and palms. The name of Sidi Khaled is related to the Islamic personality Khaled Ibn Sounan Elabsi.

Sidi Khaled
سيدي خالد
Commune and town
DZ-07 Sidi Khaled.svg
Country Algeria
ProvinceBiskra Province
 • Total8,210 sq mi (21,260 km2)
 • Total38,987
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)


Sidi Khaled is located in Biskra Province, 100km south-east of the city of Biskra. It covers 212.60 km² and has 38987 inhabitants (2008 census) with a density of 203.74 inhabitants per km². The French name of the city is Sidi Khaled. Nearby cities are:


It is the place of origin of Foughal beni Sidi Khaled is the son of Abd Elghelil came from the region of Sakia El Hamra (Sahara Occidental) and settled in the region of Foughala beside Biskara; Then they settled on the coast, near Jijel and Guelma Setif to forming one of the largest tribes of North Africa.

In this town lies the Muslim holy man Sidi Khaled Ibn Sinan al Absi.

It is the city of the legendary Hizia (1855-1878) the eponymous poem sung by Mohamed Ben Guittoun Abdelhamid Ababsa and khelifi ahmed immortalized.


Sidi Khaled is located in a semi-arid region on the border of the Sahara Desert, with most people engaged in agro-pastoral vocation.

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Coordinates: 34°23′N 4°59′E / 34.383°N 4.983°E / 34.383; 4.983