Sidi Amor Mosque

Sidi Amor Mosque (Arabic: جامع سيدي عامر‎), also known as the Sidi Amor small mosque is a Tunisian mosque located in the south of the medina of Tunis.It is an official historical monument since November 16, 1928.[1]

Sidi Amor Mosque
جامع سيدي عامر
Mesjed Sidi Ameur 14.jpg
AffiliationSunni Islam
LocationTunis, Tunisia
Sidi Amor Mosque is located in Tunisia
Sidi Amor Mosque
Shown within Tunisia
Geographic coordinates36°47′51″N 10°10′24″E / 36.797425°N 10.173472°E / 36.797425; 10.173472Coordinates: 36°47′51″N 10°10′24″E / 36.797425°N 10.173472°E / 36.797425; 10.173472


The mosque is located in 24 the Sidi Ali Azzouz Street.[2] It got its name from the saint Sidi Amor Al Batach who was born in La Marsa and who was buried in the mosque in 1526.[citation needed]