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Sideways (Derek James) is a fictional superhero created by writers Dan DiDio, Justin Jordan, and artist Kenneth Rocafort who appears in media published by DC Comics.[1]

Sideways no 1 cover.png
Sideways on the cover of Sideways #1 (Feb 2018)
Art by Kenneth Rocafort
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceSideways #1 (Feb 2018)
Created byDan DiDio
Justin Jordan
Kenneth Rocafort
In-story information
Alter egoDerek James
AbilitiesTrans-dimensional travel
Superhuman strength and durability


Publication historyEdit

The character debuted in Sideways #1, which was originally promoted in spring 2017 as part of a group of new comic series set for release in fall 2017.[2] They were branded as the "Dark Matter" line and their stories follow events from the Dark Nights: Metal crossover.[3][4] In November 2017, the line was rebranded as the "New Age of DC Heroes" and publication was delayed until early 2018.[5]

The first issue of Sideways was published February 14, 2018.[6] Like the other first issues in the line, it featured a vertical gatefold cover.[7] When closed, the cover shows Sideways exiting a portal in the sky. When opened, additional characters can be seen on the ground below him and in the sky above him.[7]

Sideways appeared in the background of a group shot in Dan Jurgens' story in Action Comics 1000

Writer Grant Morrison co-wrote The series' first and only annual with Didio.[8] The annual was released in November of 2018.

The series ended in February 2019 with its 13th issue.

Character biographyEdit

Within the context of the stories, Derek James is a Puerto Rican high school student who falls through a dimensional rift into the dark matter dimension. As a result, he gains the power to travel through dimensions.[9]

Critical receptionEdit

The character has been commonly compared to Marvel Comics character, Spider-Man. Specifically the Peter Parker of the Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610). The character and comic initially received mixed reviews, with the first issue averaging 7 out of 10 according to review aggregator Comic Book Roundup.[10] In a review of the first issue for IGN, Blair Marnell praised Rocafort's art but said the teenage dialogue was "so far off of the mark that it borders on self-parody."[11] Bleeding Cool called the character "charming" but the story "meandering". It went on to say Rocafort's art is fantastic but not the best fit for the comic's tone.[12] The character is part of an effort to increase diversity within the fictional setting and has received attention for being a minority character drawn by a Puerto Rican artist.[13][14]


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