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Side By Side was an American hardcore punk band on Revelation Records. They were a band from NY of youth crew persuasion. Recorded output was limited to a single 7", You're Only Young Once... Their 7" was the fifth record released by Revelation Records.



  • Jules Masse, vocalist, who also sang in Alone in a Crowd
  • Sam Siegler on drums, who also played in Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Civ, Judge, and Rival Schools
  • Eric Fink on lead guitar, who also played in Gorilla Biscuits, Uppercut and Bloodline from Minneapolis.
  • Brian Clark on bass who was also in Mr. Clean an early straight edge band from Washington D.C. and Brooklyn.
    • AKA - Billy Sidebyside, Billy Clean, Big Billy Bitter
  • Alex Brown on rhythm guitar, who also played in Gorilla Biscuits. Alex is notable for putting out Schizm 'Zine, a notable zine in hardcore history.


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