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Sivasagar (Pron: /ˈsɪvəˌsʌɡər/ or /ˈʃɪvəˌsʌɡər/) ("the ocean of Shiva"), is a city in and headquarters of the Sivasagar district Assam, India. The city gets its name from the big lake, Sivasagar, situated in the heart of the city. The lake was commissioned by the Ahom king Siva Singha.It lies about 360 kilometres (224 mi) northeast of Guwahati. This city is surrounded by the Dehing rainforest, where the Dihing (Brahmaputra) and Lohit rivers meet.

Clockwise from top: Sivadol, Ajanpir Dargah, Garhgaon's Kareng ghar, Rang ghar and night view of Sivasagar tank
Clockwise from top: Sivadol, Ajanpir Dargah, Garhgaon's Kareng ghar, Rang ghar and night view of Sivasagar tank
Sivasagar is located in Assam
Location in Assam, India
Sivasagar is located in India
Sivasagar (India)
Coordinates: 26°59′N 94°38′E / 26.98°N 94.63°E / 26.98; 94.63Coordinates: 26°59′N 94°38′E / 26.98°N 94.63°E / 26.98; 94.63
 • BodySivasagar Municipality Board
95 m (312 ft)
 • Total50,781
 • OfficialAssamese
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code91-3772
ISO 3166 codeIN-AS
Vehicle registrationAS 04
Nearest major cityJorhat, Dibrugarh


Carvings of Durga slaying Mahishasura on the walls of the Sivadol

Sivasagar, formerly known as Rangpur, was the capital of the Ahom Kingdom from 1699 to 1788. The Ahoms ruled Assam for six centuries, until their kingdom fell to the Burmese in 1819 and their ruling class was all but wiped out.[1]

The province was conquered by the British in 1825, and was completely annexed in 1826. For administrative purposes it was divided into three sub-divisions.[2]

It is said that the original name of Sivasagar was - 'Kalansupar' after the name of 'Kalansu Gohain' who resided in a village that originally existed in the place where currently the Sivasagar tank is located.[3][4]


An official Census 2011 detail of SivasagarEdit

In 2011, Sivasagar had population of 50,781 of which male and female were 26,925 and 23,856 respectively. In 2001 census, Sivasagar had a population of 53,854. In 2001 census, this figure for Sivasagar District was at 0.17 percent of Assam's population.

There was change of 5.7 percent in the population compared to population as per 2001. In the previous census of India 2001, Sivasagar recorded increase of 44.2 percent to its population compared to 1991. Average literacy rate of Sivasagar in 2011 were 80.41 compared to 74.47 of 2001. If things are looked out at gender wise, male and female literacy were 85.84 and 74.71 respectively. For 2001 census, same figures stood at 81.53 and 66.81 in Sivasagar District. Total literate in Sivasagar District were 813,505 of which male and female were 444,767 and 368,738 respectively.

Population HistoryEdit

Population changes
Year 1951 1991 2001 2011
Population 10.622[5] 37,326 [6] 53,854 [7] 50,781 [8]

Educational InstituteEdit

Sibsagar Polytechnic is a Government Engineering diploma Institute located in the district of Sibsagar, Assam state of India. It is situated 4 Km from Demow bus station and 79 KM from Dibrugarh Airport. The exact location of the college is at Boruahchangmai Gaon, Demow in between Deori Nodi and Tiloi Nodi. It has one main campus comprising the Administrative Building, Academic Building and Girls' Hostel. The residential campus encompasses Principal's Quarter, Faculty and staff quarters and the Boys' Hostel. NCC road leading to Khowang from NH37 slices the total area into two campuses

  • Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology (RGIPT) has its second campus at Sivasagar district.
  • Started academic sessions in 2017 at Assam campus in 37 acres as a first phase while 63 acres is under construction.[9] In consonance with the charter of RGIPT, the objective of this campus is offering of programmes of education and training of skilled technical manpower at the certificate, diploma and post diploma level in various areas in the domain of petroleum, petrochemical and allied sector, training & certificate programmes (refresher and induction) for working professionals of oil and gas, petrochemical and allied companies, to serve as a Skill Development Center for the North-East Region and to offer B. Tech. in Fire Safety Engineering domain of the petroleum sector as per requirements of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry.[10][11]
  • On May 13, 2017, Chief Minister of Assam Sarbananda Sonowal and Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri Dharmendra Pradhan jointly launched the full swing construction work of second campus at Sivasagar, Assam.[12] This campus is being built at a cost of 8.801 billion (US$120 million).[13]


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