Shyloo (Kannada: ಶೈಲೂ) is a 2011 Indian Kannada-language romantic drama film written and directed by S. Narayan. It is a remake of the 2010 Tamil film Mynaa. The film stars Ganesh and Bhama. Jassie Gift was the music director of the film.

Directed byS. Narayan
Produced byK. Manju
Written byS. Narayan
Story byPrabhu Solomon
Based onMynaa (2010)
Rangayana Raghu
Suchendra Prasad
Music byJassie Gift
CinematographyJagadesh Waali
Edited byK. R. Lingaraj
K. Manju Cinemas
Distributed byJayanna Films
Release date
  • 10 December 2011 (2011-12-10)[1]
Running time
152 minutes
Budget3 crores
Box office29 crores


The film starts with an imprisoned Manja (Ganesh) recalling his love for Shyloo (Bhama) since childhood that becomes more intense as they grow. Though Shyloo's mother assures Manja of getting them married, she changes her mind and arranges for Shyloo to marry a rich family boy. Infuriated, Manja threatens to kill her. He is arrested by the police and given a 30-days prison sentence. Shyloo's mother arranges the marriage a day before his release and Manja escapes from prison. As the police officer Bhaskar and a constable Ramaiah handcuff Manja, Shyloo too goes along with him as they decide to get married after he is released from prison.

On their way, they encounter adventures that include an elephant chasing them and losing their way thereby reaching Kerala. From there, their journey continues, with Bhaskar becoming infuriated with Manja as he is not able to celebrate his 'Deepavali' with his family, busy running behind Manja. A parallel story reveals Bhaskar's annoyed wife Sudha and her brothers troubling Bhaskar to come to their hometown to celebrate Deepavali. However, Bhaskar soon develops a soft corner for Manja as he saves him from a freak bus accident. The four go back together to their hometown. Bhaskar promises to get Manja released within two days and assures to get them married after Manja is released. Ramaiah asks shyloo to stay in his house for shelter.

However, Bhaskar asks Ramaiah to let shyloo stay in his house so that he can take her safe the next day for wedding. On reaching his house, Bhaskar finds Sudha waiting furiously, and she also accuses shyloo for having an illegitimate relationship with Bhaskar. Bhaskar gets angry and scolds his wife, following which she leaves the home. On the next day, Bhaskar, Ramaiah, and Manja on the way to court, find a dead body on the railway track and get shocked, seeing it to be shyloo. Bhaskar finds out that Sudha's brothers arrived at their house immediately and killed shyloo, who they thought to be responsible for the trouble. They then threw her body on a railway track. Upon witnessing this, Manja cries, jumps in front of another train, and dies. Bhaskar feels guilty about the incident and gets angered. He quits his job and goes back to his wife's home, where he kills her and her brothers with a sickle. He voluntarily surrenders and is imprisoned for 20 year-sentence in Manja's cell.


  • Ganesh
  • Bhama
  • Praveen
  • Suchendra Prasad
  • Rangayana Raghu
  • Ila Vitla
  • Pipeline Ramesh
  • Honnavalli krishna
  • Renuka prasad
  • Chandrashekhar Bandiyappa
  • Jolly Bastin
  • Pankaj. S. Narayan
  • Jaishree Raj
  • Suresh chandra
  • Yathi raj
  • Gajendra Rao

Box officeEdit

The film received positive reviews especially for performance of lead actors.


1."Pada Pada Kannada"KavirajPuneeth Rajkumar 
2."O Jeevave (Duet Version)"KavirajShaan, Shreya Ghoshal 
3."Shyloo"V. Nagendra PrasadIshaan Dev 
4."Ee Manasinalli"KavirajJassie Gift, Chaitra H. G. 
5."Bandiddu Barali"KavirajVijay Prakash 
6."O Jeevave (Female Version)"KavirajShreya Ghoshal 

Home mediaEdit

The movie was released on DVD with 5.1 channel surround sound and English subtitles and VCD.


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