Shut Your Mouth (album)

Shut Your Mouth is the fifth studio album by Australian punk rock band Frenzal Rhomb, released on 20 November 2000. Originally scheduled to be released on 6 November, it was the first and last Frenzal Rhomb album to be issued in Australia on the Epic label which dropped the band less than six months later. It was released by Fat Wreck Chords around the world and re-issued by Epitaph/Shock Records in the band's native Australia with the U.S. track listing.

Shut Your Mouth
Frenzal Rhomb - Shut Your Mouth.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedAustralia 20 November 2000
United States 20 March 2001
GenrePop punk
Punk rock
Skate punk
Length40:47 (US/Re-release version)
LabelEpic, Epitaph (re-release), Fat Wreck Chords (USA)
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Shut Your Mouth
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Frenzal Rhomb have said many times that they will not play songs from Shut Your Mouth during shows, leading to some fans speculating that Lindsay sold the rights to play the songs live for a half eaten salad pita and a warm glass of sav blanc.

Track listingEdit

Original Epic/Sony Records Australian versionEdit

1."Everything's Fucked"1:37
3."Coming Home"2:31
4."Had Enough"2:48
5."She's Not Happy"2:26
8."Nothing's Wrong"2:15
9."Rats in the Walls"3:38
10."Cheer Up"2:25
11."Home Made Video"3:00
12."The Best Guy"2:47
13."Local Resident Failure"3:03
14."My Girlfriend's a Man"2:45
15."I Love Fucking Up"2:53
16."Don't Let the Bastards Keep You Down"2:27

This version of the album came in a stickered sleeve and with a multimedia component with a 'My City Of Sydney' film clip (not available anywhere else) and an interview with the band members. There is a hidden song on Track 0, "Baby Won't You Hold Me In Your Arm". A longer version of this song later appeared on the For the Term of Their Unnatural Lives compilation record.

The version of "Everything's Fucked" on this release has the term "racist cunt" censored and replaced with animal noises.

US and re-released Australian versionEdit

1."Everything's Fucked"1:40
2."Had Enough"2:48
4."Coming Home"2:30
5."All Hail the Weekend"2:38
6."Home Made Video"3:01
7."The Best Guy"2:47
9."Nothing's Wrong"2:15
10."Rats in the Walls"3:14
11."Cheer Up"2:51
12."Local Resident Failure"3:03
14."Sodom the Clown"2:43
15."I Love Fucking Up"2:52
16."Don't Let the Bastard's Keep You Down (alternative version)"2:24