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Shu-sin (Akkadian: 𒀭𒋗𒀭𒂗𒍪: DŠuDSîn, after the Moon God Sîn", the "𒀭" being a silent honorific for "Divine") was king of Sumer and Akkad, and was the penultimate king of the Ur III dynasty. He succeeded his brother Amar-Sin, and reigned c. 1972-1964 BC (short chronology).

King of the Neo-Sumerian Empire
Reignc. 2037  BC – 2029  BC
Dynasty3rd Dynasty of Ur
5-mina weight with the name of Shu-Sin, from Girsu, Louvre Museum

Following an open revolt of his Amorite subjects, he directed the construction of a fortified wall between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers in his fourth year, intending it to hold off any further Amorite attacks. He was succeeded by his son Ibbi-Sin.

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