Should a Mother Tell?

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Should A Mother Tell? is a lost[1] 1915 silent film drama directed by J. Gordon Edwards and starring Betty Nansen. The scenario was by future director Rex Ingram with the film being produced and distributed by Fox Film Corporation.[2][3]

Should A Mother Tell?
Directed byJ. Gordon Edwards
Produced byWilliam Fox
Written byRex Ingram
StarringBetty Nansen
CinematographyArthur D. Ripley
Distributed byFox Film Corporation
Release date
July 1915
Running time
5 reels
LanguageSilent..English titles


  • Betty Nansen - Marie Baudin
  • Stuart Holmes - Gaspard Baudin
  • Jean Sothern - Pamela Baudin age 16
  • Arthur Hoops - Baron Gauntier
  • Claire Whitney - Baroness Gauntier
  • H. Linden - Phillip
  • Stephen Grattan - Marie Brassard
  • Grace Everett - Madame Brassard
  • Kate Blancke - Countess de Moutsorel
  • G. Baldwin - Louis Brassard age 20
  • Henry Leone - Prefect of Police
  • Ralph Johnston - Louis Brassard age 8
  • Runa Hodges - Pamela Baudin age 5


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