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Coordinates: 43°5′17.3″N 87°53′19.8″W / 43.088139°N 87.888833°W / 43.088139; -87.888833

Shorewood High School
Shorewood High School Photo Winter.jpg
1701 E. Capitol Drive


TypePublic high school
MottoA Tradition Of Excellence
PrincipalTim Kenney[1]
Faculty34.5 (on FTE basis)[2]
Enrollment671 (as of 2016-17)
Student to teacher ratio17.83[2]
Color(s)Red and grey
Team nameGreyhound
RivalWhitefish Bay High School

Shorewood High School is a comprehensive public high school located in the village of Shorewood, Wisconsin. It is part of the Shorewood School District.

As of the 2010-11 school year, the school had an enrollment of 615 students and 34.5 classroom teachers on a full-time equivalent basis, giving a student to teacher ratio of 17.83.[2] The school's original colors were blue and gold but were changed to red and grey in 1930. Among options for extra curricular activities for students are 23 sports and more than 40 co-curricular clubs and activities.[3]


Administration BuildingEdit

The original building on the campus is the administration building. Constructed in 1925, it features a 40-foot diameter copper dome used a social studies classroom. The administration building houses the administrations, social studies, English, and language classes.[3]


The campus features a 1,211 seat auditorium that resembles the RKO Theater, now known as Radio City Music Hall.[3] The auditorium was renamed the Barb Gensler Theater for The Dramatic Arts in 2012 in honor of retired drama department director Barbara Gensler and her 47 years of service to the school.[4]

Fitness CenterEdit

In 1998 the Manual Arts Building which housed woods, metals and drafting classes, was renovated and now houses the Community Fitness Center.[3]

John F. Nickoll StadiumEdit

John F. Nickoll Stadium[5] in Shorewood is the home to the Shorewood High School football, boys and girls soccer, and, boys and girls lacrosse teams. It also had two stints as a home venue for the Milwaukee Panthers football team of the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee from 1956–67 and again in 1972.[citation needed] The stadium has also occasionally served as a home for Milwaukee's club (non-NCAA sanctioned) football team since 2003.[citation needed]

Preceded by
Pearse Field
Home of
Milwaukee Panthers football

Succeeded by
Milwaukee County Stadium
Preceded by
Milwaukee County Stadium
Home of
Milwaukee Panthers football

Succeeded by
Marquette Stadium

Extra-curricular activitiesEdit

Performing artsEdit

The Shorewood Drama Department produces a minimum of three shows annually. It was the first high school in its area to perform the musical "A Chorus Line" in 1986, and the first in the nation to perform "Rent" (the high school edition) in 2006.[6] In 2006, they also performed "Urinetown the Musical". The high school has been mentioned in The New York Times, along with three other schools, for its outstanding theater and its ability to "spend more money on a drama production than on their director's annual salary."[7] In May 2013, they performed "Spring Awakening", sparking both criticism and praise from community members. The show was performed unedited from the original Broadway production, and students were required to turn in a signed parent permission slip to audition for the musical.[8]

Student newspaperEdit

Founded in 1922, Shorewood Ripples is the student newspaper. The entire 1921-1922 SHS student body (seven students) contributed to the first edition, which was a yearbook with a literary bent.[citation needed]

In addition to covering stories at SHS, Ripples reports on stories in other Shorewood schools, and the greater community. A staff of over 30 students bring ten or more issues per year to press. Most issues have 12 to 20 pages. With a circulation of between 800 and 1000, the publication reaches students and residents throughout the village of Shorewood.

Ripples subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists, including the obligation to perform with intelligence, objectivity, accuracy and fairness.


State tournament historyEdit

1924-25: Boys' tennis champion[9]
1925-26: Boys' tennis champion + [9]
1926-27: Boys' tennis champion[9]
1928-29: Boys' tennis champion[9]
1931-32: Boys' swimming & diving runner-up
1932-33: Boys' swimming & diving
1933-34: Boys' swimming & diving
1934-35: Boys' swimming & diving champion
1935-36: Boys' swimming & diving
1936-37: Boys' swimming & diving champion
1936-37: Boys' basketball Class B quarterfinal
1937-38: Boys' basketball quarterfinal
1937-38: Boys' swimming & diving
1938-39: Boys' swimming & diving champion
1938-39: Boys' basketball quarterfinal
1939-40: Boys' basketball quarterfinal
1939-40: Boys' swimming & diving
1940-41: Boys' swimming & diving
1940-41: Boys' basketball quarterfinal
1941-42: Boys' basketball champion
1941-42: Boys' swimming & diving
1942-43: Boys' swimming & diving
1948-49: Boys' swimming & diving
1954-55: Boys' basketball 1st round
1960-61: Boys' track & field Class B
1965-66: Boys' track & field Class B runner-up
1974-75: Girls' volleyball Class B
1975-76: Girls’ volleyball Class B
1980-81: Boys’ basketball Class B semi-finalist
1981-82: Girls’ tennis runner-up
1990-91: Girls’ volleyball Division 2 semi-finalist
1994-95: Girls’ Gymnastics Division 1*
1995-96: Girls’ Gymnastics Division 1*
1994-95: Girls’ swimming & diving Division 2
1995-96: Girls’ swimming & diving Division 2
1996-97: Girls’ swimming & diving Division 2
1996-97: Girls’ Gymnastics Division 1 runner-up*
1997-98: Girls’ swimming & diving Division 2
1997-98: Boys’ soccer Division 2 champion
2000-01: Boys’ cross country Division 2 champion[10]
2000-01: Boys’ tennis Division 2 runner-up[9]
2000-01: Boys’ volleyball quarterfinal
2001-02: Girls’ swimming & diving Division 2 champion
2001-02: Boys’ volleyball Semi-Final
2002-03: Girls’ swimming & diving Division 2
2003-04: Girls’ swimming & diving Division 2
2003-04: Boys’ cross country Division 2 State Champions[10]
2004-05: Boys’ cross country Division 2 State Champions
2004-05: Boys’ soccer Division 2 runner-up
2005-06: Boys’ cross country Division 2 State Champions[10]
2005-06: Boys’ volleyball semi-final
2006-07: Boys’ cross country Division 2 State Champions[10]
2006-07: Boys’ tennis Division 2 Doubles
2007-08: Boys’ cross country Division 2 runner up[11]
2009-10: Boys’ cross country Division 2 State Champions[12]
2010-11: Boys’ cross country Division 2 State Champions[13]

2012-2013: Girls' swimming & diving Division 2

  • - Co-Op team with Whitefish Bay High School

+ - Tie With Milwaukee Washington (See Reference) 2015-2016 Girls Cross Country Division 2 Runner Up

Cross countryEdit

Shorewood's boys' cross country team won four straight WIAA Division 2 State Championships (2003–06), making them the first Division 2 school ever to do so.[citation needed] It also won the state meet in 2000, 2009, and 2010. It was state runner-up in 2007.[14] Shorewood took home yet another state title in 2012, being the first division 2 team to have five finishers under seventeen minutes for the 5k race.

The girls' program made three appearances at the WIAA state meet with an individual victory and a state course record in 2006. The girls' team has attended the WIAA state meet in nine of the last nine years with their highest finish being 2nd place in 2015.

Notable alumniEdit


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