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Shop CJ (formerly known as Star CJ Alive) is a 24-hour home shopping channel broadcast in India, and operated by Shop CJ Network Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Star Cn Network India Pvt. Ltd.). The channel was formed in March 2009[1] and was jointly owned by STAR India (through its affiliate, Star HS Ltd.[2]) and CJ O Shopping Co. Ltd. of South Korea as a 50-50 Joint Venture.[3] In June 2014 STAR India sold its stake in the company to Providence Equity Partners, a New York based Private Equity firm and the company was rebranded in early 2015.[3]


Media propertiesEdit

Apart from Shop CJ, the company also operates a web-portal,, launched in February 2011.[1]

Business modelEdit

The company originally operated under a mix of inventory and marketplace models, buying inventory for sale but also facilitating sales by third party businesses; and with a 100% focus on marketplace sales for its online business. It has since moved to an exclusively marketplace model, using its TV and online properties as platforms for thirrd-party sellers to quote prices and sell goods directly to consumers. Shop CJ Network provides logistical, technological and process know-how to its partner sellers.

New managementEdit

Providence Equity Partners operates the media properties of Shop CJ Network through P5 Asia Holding Investments (Mauritius) Limited, which is owned by Providence.[2] The company had an arrangement to continue using the STAR branding (name and logo) for one year after the conclusion of the sale.[1] It has since dropped the STAR brand.

STAR India continued to maintain its stake holding in the web-portal till May 2015.


Shop CJ is currently available on all major digital cable and DTH distributors in India, and has a reach of 50 million[2] households. It claims a customer base of 5 million in 5 years of operations (2009 - 2014).[2]


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