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Shooting at the 1996 Summer Olympics

The shooting competitions at the 1996 Summer Olympics took place at the Wolf Creek Shooting Complex near Atlanta, United States. Competitions were held in men's events and women's events.[1] For men's and women's double trap, it was the first Olympic competition, a women's shotgun event also had been added.

In addition, the number of targets in trap and skeet had been reduced from 200 to 125, and the final rules for all events were changed so that any post-final ties would be broken by shoot-offs, as opposed to the previous rule that preferred the shooter with worse qualification score and better final score.

Medal summaryEdit

Medal tableEdit

1  Russia (RUS)3216
2  China (CHN)2215
3  Germany (GER)2204
4  Italy (ITA)2125
5  Australia (AUS)2013
6  Poland (POL)1113
  United States (USA)1113
8  France (FRA)1012
  Yugoslavia (YUG)1012
10  Bulgaria (BUL)0224
11  Kazakhstan (KAZ)0213
12  Austria (AUT)0112
13  Belarus (BLR)0101
14  Czech Republic (CZE)0011
  Slovakia (SVK)0011
Totals (15 nations)15151545

Men's eventsEdit

Women's eventsEdit

Participating nationsEdit

A total of 419 shooters, 294 men and 125 women, from 100 nations competed at the Atlanta Games:[1]


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