Shooting at the 1912 Summer Olympics – Men's 300 metre free rifle, team

The men's 300 metre team free rifle was a shooting sports event held as part of the Shooting at the 1912 Summer Olympics programme. It was the third appearance of the event. The competition was held on Thursday, 4 July 1912.[1] Forty-two sport shooters from seven nations competed. The event was won by Sweden, the nation's first victory in the event, improving on a silver-medal performance in 1908. Defending champions Norway reached the podium for the third consecutive time, taking silver this time. Denmark earned its first medal in the men's 300 metre team free rifle with bronze.

Men's team free rifle
at the Games of the V Olympiad
Shooting pictogram.svg
Shooting pictogram
Date4 July
Competitors42 from 7 nations
Winning score5655
1st place, gold medalist(s)  Sweden (SWE)
2nd place, silver medalist(s)  Norway (NOR)
3rd place, bronze medalist(s)  Denmark (DEN)
← 1908
1920 →

Ole Sæther had been a member of Norway's two prior teams as well, so became the first man with three medals in the event. He had been the only man with multiple medals; five others (Albert Helgerud, Gudbrand Skatteboe, Einar Liberg, and Olaf Sæther of Norway and Gustaf Adolf Jonsson of Sweden) each earned their second in 1912.


This was the third appearance of the men's 300 metre team rifle event, which was held 4 times between 1900 and 1920.[2][3]

South Africa and the Russian Empire each made their debut in the event. Denmark, France, and Norway each made their third appearance, having competed in each edition of the event to date.

Competition formatEdit

The competition had each shooter fire 120 shots, 40 shots in each of three positions: prone, kneeling, and standing. The target was 1 metre in diameter, with 10 scoring rings; targets were set at a distance of 300 metres. The six team members' scores were then summed. Thus, the maximum score possible was 7200 points. The scores for the team event were separate from the individual event this time.[3]


Date Time Round
Thursday, 4 July 1912 11:00 Final


Rank Nation Shooter Score
    Sweden Sweden total 5655
Mauritz Eriksson 976
Hugo Johansson 975
Erik Blomqvist 962
Carl Björkman 954
Bernhard Larsson 914
Gustaf Adolf Jonsson 874
    Norway Norway total 5602
Gudbrand Skatteboe 945
Ole Sæther 945
Østen Østensen 940
Albert Helgerud 938
Olaf Sæther 935
Einar Liberg 902
    Denmark Denmark total 5570
Ole Olsen 983
Lars Jørgen Madsen 973
Niels Larsen 931
Niels Andersen 896
Laurits Larsen 890
Jens Hajslund 856
4   France France total 5471
Paul Colas 1004
Louis Percy 931
Léon Johnson 908
Pierre Gentil 899
Raoul de Boigne 874
Auguste Marion 855
5   Finland Finland total 5323
Voitto Kolho 951
Heikki Huttunen 946
Gustaf Nyman 897
Emil Holm 845
Huvi Tuiskunen 844
Vilho Vauhkonen 840
6   South Africa South Africa total 4897
George Harvey 887
Robert Bodley 857
Robert Patterson 839
Arthur Smith 821
Ernest Keeley 812
George Whelan 681
7   Russian Empire Russian Empire total 4892
Pavel de Valdayne 860
Teotan Lebedev 827
Aleksandr Tillo 822
Dmitry Kuskov 811
Konstantin Kalinin 803
Pavel Lesh 769


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