Shooting at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Men's 50 metre pistol

The men's individual competition with free revolver event was one of the competitions in the Shooting at the 1900 Summer Olympics events in Paris. It was held on 1 August 1900. 20 shooters from 4 nations competed, with five shooters per nation. Medals were given for individual high scores, and the scores of the five shooters were summed to give a team score for the team event. The target designed for this competition is still being used today. The event was won by Karl Röderer of Switzerland, with his countryman Konrad Stäheli taking bronze. Between them was Achille Paroche of France with silver.

Men's 50 metre free pistol
at the Games of the II Olympiad
Entrée du stand de tir à l'arbalette, à Vincennes, pour l'exposition universelle de 1900.jpg
Entrance to the target stand
DateAugust 1
Competitors20 from 4 nations
Winning score503 OR
1st place, gold medalist(s) Karl Röderer
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Achille Paroche
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Konrad Stäheli
← 1896
1908 →


This was the second appearance of what would become standardised as the men's ISSF 50 meter pistol event. The event was held at every Summer Olympics from 1896 to 1920 (except 1904, when no shooting events were held) and from 1936 to 2016; it was open to women from 1968 to 1980.[1][2]

All four of the competing nations were making their debut; none had a shooter in this event in 1896. The event doubled as the first World Championship in free pistol.

Röderer used a Waffenfabrik Bern 1882 Swiss Ordnance Revolver.

Competition formatEdit

The competition had each shooter fire 60 shots at a distance of 50 metres. The target was round, 50 centimetres in diameter, with 10 scoring rings. Scoring for each shot was up to 10 points, in increments of 1 point. The maximum score possible was 600 points.[2]

Revolver must have a barrel of 11 cm in length. Ties were broken by greatest number of shots on target (1 or better), then greatest number in the black (7 or better), then by ring (10, 9, 8, etc.).[citation needed]


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record
Olympic record New format

Karl Röderer set the initial Olympic record with 503 points.


Date Time Round
Wednesday, 1 August 1900 8:00 Final


Rank Shooter Nation Score
  Karl Röderer   Switzerland 503
  Achille Paroche   France 466
  Konrad Stäheli   Switzerland 453
4 Louis Richardet   Switzerland 448
5 Louis Duffoy   France 442
6 Dirk Boest Gips   Netherlands 437
7 Friedrich Lüthi   Switzerland 435
Léon Moreaux   France 435
9 Paul Probst   Switzerland 432
10 Jules Trinité   France 431
11 Maurice Lecoq   France 429
12 Henrik Sillem   Netherlands 408
13 Alban Rooman   Belgium 405
14 Émile Thèves   Belgium 404
15 Antonius Bouwens   Netherlands 390
16 Victor Robert   Belgium 351
17 Pierre Eichhorn   Belgium 345
18 Solko van den Bergh   Netherlands 331
19 Charles Lebègue   Belgium 318
20 Anthony Sweijs   Netherlands 310


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