Shooting at the 1896 Summer Olympics – Men's 200 metre military rifle

The men's 200 metre military rifle event was one of five sport shooting events on the Shooting at the 1896 Summer Olympics programme. It was held at a distance of 200 metres, on 8 April and 9 April, with each shooter firing half of his shots on the first day and half the second. Shooters fired four strings of ten shots each, for a total of 40 shots. 42 shooters, representing each of the seven nations that had shooters in Athens, competed.

Men's military rifle
at the Games of the I Olympiad
Pantelis Karasebdas.JPG
Pantelis Karasevdas
VenueKallithea shooting range
DatesApril 8–9
Competitors42 from 7 nations
Winning score2350
1st place, gold medalist(s) Pantelis Karasevdas
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Pavlos Pavlidis
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Nicolaos Trikupis

When the competition finished in the morning of 9 April, Pantelis Karasevdas of Greece had hit the target all 40 times, amassing a score of 2,350 points. Panagiotis Pavlidis hit the target 38 times and came in second.


This was the only appearance of the 200 metre military rifle event. Military rifle categories would return in 1920 (a 300 metre three positions event) and 1924 (seven events at 300 and 600 metres). It was the first event held at the newly inaugurated Kallithea shooting range. A ceremonial first shot was fired by Olga Constantinovna of Russia, the queen consort of the Hellenes.[1][2]

Competition formatEdit

The competition had each shooter fire 40 shots, in 4 strings of 10, at a range of 200 metres. Scoring involved multiplying target hits by points scored in each string.[2]


Date Time Round
Gregorian Julian
Wednesday, 8 April 1896
Thursday, 9 April 1896
Wednesday, 27 March 1896
Thursday, 28 March 1896
10:30 Strings 1–2
Strings 3–4


Only partial results are known.

Rank Shooter Nation Score Hits 1 2 3 4
  Pantelis Karasevdas   Greece 2,350 40 480 Unknown
  Panagiotis Pavlidis   Greece 1,978 38 Unknown
  Nicolaos Trikupis   Greece 1,713 34 Unknown
4 Anastasios Metaxas   Greece 1,701 Unknown
5 Georgios Orphanidis   Greece 1,698 Unknown
6 Viggo Jensen   Denmark 1,640 30 Unknown
7 Georgios Diamantis   Greece 1,456 Unknown 384 Unknown
8 Albert Baumann   Switzerland 1,294 Unknown
9 Ioannis Theofilakis   Greece 1,261 Unknown 312 Unknown
10 Sidney Merlin   Great Britain 1,156 Unknown 477 Unknown
11 Alexios Fetsios   Greece 894 Unknown 272 Unknown
12 Eugen Schmidt   Denmark 845 12 Unknown
Spiridon Stais   Greece 845 Unknown
14–41 Charles Waldstein   United States Unknown 354 154 Unknown
Machonet   Great Britain Unknown
Giuseppe Rivabella   Italy Unknown
Aristovoulos Petmezas   Greece Unknown
Albin Lermusiaux   France Unknown
G. Karagiannopoulos   Greece Unknown
22 others, names unknown   Greece Unknown
Holger Nielsen   Denmark Retired after two strings Unknown Did not finish


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