Open main menu or shockwave is an online and offline video games distributor and portal, based in San Francisco, California, United States.[3] Shockwave has three main tabs on its website, namely online games, download games, and my shockwave.[5] It hosts over 400 games [6] in a range of genres including puzzle, action, strategy, racing, sport, jigsaw, adventure, multiplayer games, and downloadable games.[7] Peter Glover, Vice President, describes Shockwave as a "United Artists of the Web" or a site that helps independent game developers publish their web games.[8] As of September 2010, it ranked # 2,245 on Alexa and # 1,023 in the U.S web traffic.[1]

IndustryOnline and offline video game distribution
FoundedDecember 18, 1998; 20 years ago (1998-12-18)[1]
225 Bush Street, Suite 1200 [2][3]San Francisco, California
Key people
Dave Williams, Senior Vice President,[4] Mika Salmi (CEO)[2]
ProductsVideo games (Casual games)
OwnerAddicting Games, Inc
Number of employees
25–100 [2]
ParentAddicting Games, Inc

From 2012 to 2014, Shockwave was under the NickMom brand serving as NickMom's game section. In 2014, Defy Media acquired all of Viacom's game properties, and became a stand-alone entity again.[9] Viacom acquired a small stake of Defy. New owner is Addicting Games, Inc due to Defy collapse.[10]

HistoryEdit merged with Atom Corporation and formed Atom Entertainment in 2001. Later, on August 9, 2006, Viacom acquired the company for $200 million.[11][12] As the result of the acquisition, and Addicting expanded MTV Network's online video library. On January 31, 2009 Shockwave Japan, a subsidiary of Shockwave closed its business.[13] In 2014, Defy Media took over


In August 2008, Shockwave had 4.8 million unique visitors, according to ComScore Media Metrix.[4] Mika Salmi said Shockwave as casual gaming site whose target market is parents and moms,[14] with its customers mostly women from age 18 to 49 years old.[4] This shows difference in statistic, as in 2002, when the company was freshly merged with Atom, Shockwave's audiences ranging from age 10–39 and about equal in gender.[15]

Club ShockwaveEdit

On March 24, 2009 Shockwave launched a premium service called Club Shockwave. The service allows members to play a number of exclusive games, and download titles. and a chance to win cash prizes.[6]

Shockwave Cash (Discontinued [1])Edit

At the Casual Connect game conference in Seattle, Dave Williams, senior vice president of the Nickelodeon Kids and Family Games Group introduced Shockwave Cash, virtual currency that could be used to buy virtual goods in several titles, such as Hungry Hungry Hippy, Let’s Get Grillin’, and Sara’s Super Spa Me.[16] The Shockwave Cash feature has been discontinued, but users are still allowed to use any earned or purchased Shockwave Cash.[17]

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