Shizi Township[1] is a mountain indigenous township in Pingtung County, Taiwan. It is the largest township of the county. The main population is the Paiwan people of the Taiwanese aborigines.

Shizi Township
Shizi District Administration Center Pingtung County.jpg
Shizi Township in Pingtung County
Shizi Township in Pingtung County
LocationPingtung County, Taiwan
 • Total301 km2 (116 sq mi)
 (July 2018)
 • Total5,008
 • Density17/km2 (43/sq mi)
Shizi Township
Entrance to Shizi Township Hall


The original Paiwan name for the area was Tjakuvukuvulj (Tjakuvukuvuɬ; historically rendered as Chaobo Obol or in Chinese: 腳歐伯伯). Han Chinese settlers noted a rock outcropping in the shape of a lion's head (Chinese: 獅仔頭山; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Sai-á-thâu-soaⁿ; literally: 'lion-head mountain') and called the village Sai-a-thau-sia (獅仔頭社; Sai-á-thâu-siā; 'lion-head village').

Under Kuomintang rule, the name was changed to the current Shizi, though in Taiwanese Hokkien the name Sai-a-thau is still normally used in spoken contexts.[2]


The terrain of Shizi is mountainous, as the district is located near Taiwan's Central Mountain Range.

Administrative divisionsEdit

The township comprises eight villages:

  • Caopu (Chinese: 草埔; pinyin: Cǎobù; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chháu-po) (Paiwan: Supaw)
  • Danlu (丹路; Dānlù; Tan-lō) (Paiwan: Tjakuljakuljai)
  • Fenglin (楓林; Fēnglín; Png-lîm)(Paiwan: Kaidi/Naimalipa)
  • Nanshi (南世; Nánshì; Lâm-sè) (Paiwan: Nansiku/Tjuladu)
  • Neishi (內獅; Nèishī; Lāi-sai) (Paiwan: Kacedas)
  • Neiwen (內文; Nèiwén; Lāi-bûn) (Paiwan: Naibun/Tjakuvukuvulj)
  • Shizi (獅子; Shīzi; Sai-chú) (Paiwan: Tjaqaciljai)
  • Zhukeng (竹坑; Zhúkēng; Tek-kheⁿ) (Paiwan: Tjuruguai)



Agriculture produced in the township includes mangoes, bird's-nest ferns and watermelons.

Tourist attractionsEdit

Places of interest in or around Shizi are Shuangliu Forest Recreation Area, the Cultural Objects Museum, Lilongshan and Neiwen Village.


The South-Link Highway passing through Shizi Township

Shizi is connected via railway through the TRA South-Link Line. A key station is Fangshan Station. Two highways run through the township: Provincial Highway No.1 and Provincial Highway No.9 (South-Link Highway).


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