Shivala Temple, Mangla Dam

The Shivala Temple is located under the water of Mangla Dam, Mirpur District, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan.[1] This temple is dedicated to Shiva[2] You cannot see this temple because the temple is sunk in Mangla Dam.[3] The remains of Old Mirpur are now under the waters of the Mangla Dam. As water levels recede, the remains of old houses and Hindu Temples reappear too.[4]

Shivala Temple
Mirpur shivala temple 01.jpg
View of Shivala Temple, Mangla Dam
LocationMangla Dam
State Azad Kashmir
Country Pakistan
Shivala Temple, Mangla Dam is located in Azad Kashmir
Shivala Temple, Mangla Dam
Shown within Azad Kashmir
Shivala Temple, Mangla Dam is located in Pakistan
Shivala Temple, Mangla Dam
Shivala Temple, Mangla Dam (Pakistan)
Geographic coordinates33°11′30.9″N 73°44′18.4″E / 33.191917°N 73.738444°E / 33.191917; 73.738444Coordinates: 33°11′30.9″N 73°44′18.4″E / 33.191917°N 73.738444°E / 33.191917; 73.738444
TypeHindu Temple

Mangla Dam was constructed primarily as the backbone of the natural economy and a replacement for the depleted eastern river flows.[5] The water that was released in 1967 submerged the whole of Old Mirpur city and 260 villages.[6]

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