Shishir Kumar Bajoria (born 1956/57) is an Indian industrialist, the head of S K Bajoria Group.[2][3]

Shishir Kumar Bajoria
Shishir Kumar Bajoria

1956/1957 (age 62–63)[1]
TitleHead of S K Bajoria Group


Bajoria is the promoter of the S K Bajoria Group based at Kolkata, which is engaged in diversified activities including the manufacture of specialised refractories for the steel industry, insurance broking, and third party administration for health insurance.[4]

Bajoria is a past president of the Indian Chamber of Commerce. He has been on the board at Industrial Promotion & Investment Corporation of Orissa Ltd, and West Bengal Industrial Development Corp. Ltd.[5]

He is the chairman of Indian Institute of Management Shillong.[6]


Bajoria joined the BJP in August 2014,[7] and is a leader of the BJP in West Bengal.[8]

Bajoria has been named in connection with the Panama Papers.[9] He has, however, clarified that he has not, nor has ever, owned Haptic BVI Ltd, the company of which Bajoria is listed as a beneficial owner. First Names Group, which along with Mossack Fonseca & Co, set up Haptic BVI Ltd issued a clarification through its representative stating that they made an administrative error on a form which they sent to Mossack Fonseca. The erroneous beneficial owner information on the form was entirely the firm's fault, as was the enclosure of the copy verification document.[10]


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