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Shishiga is also an informal name for 2-tonne army truck GAZ-66

Shishiga (from Russian: шиши́га, also called leshenka, ле́шенка) is a female swamp (or forest) creature similar to the wood-goblin in Russian folklore and mythology. It is described as, white, nude, and tousled and is considered to harass the people and bring misfortune to the drunkards.

The first shishiga in the world was Marusya (or Maresya), which as the slavic legends say was Baba Yaga's daughter. She was born a beautiful girl, but once, she was sitting near to the swamp when it was raining. Accidentally one of Perun's arrows struck Marusya's back, breaking it. Marusya was so scared that she jumped into the swamp. She drowned, and after her death she became a horrible swamp spirit called shishiga.

The same creature is important in the mythology of Komi people. She supposedly lives in the Kama River and often goes to the shore to comb her hair. Everybody who sees her will soon drown or die by another cause. This has some similarity with the story of Artemis and Actaeon in Greek mythology.

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