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Shiro Hattori (服部四郎, Hattori Shirō, May 29, 1908 – January 29, 1995) was a Japanese academic and writer.[1] Born in Kameyama, Mie, Hattori was a linguist known particularly for his work on premodern Japanese and Japonic languages and the Ainu language. He was a professor at the University of Tokyo.[2]

Selected works edit

In a statistical overview derived from writings by and about Shiro Hattori, OCLC/WorldCat encompasses roughly 150+ works in 200+ publications in 8 languages and 1,300+ library holdings.[3]

  • 音聲學 (1951)
  • Genealogy of the Japanese Language (日本語の系統, Nihongo no keitō) (1959)[2]
  • Dictionary of Ainu Dialects (アイヌ語方言辞典, Ainu Go Hōgen Jiten) (1964)
  • 音韻論と正書法: 新日本式つづり方の提唱 (1979)

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