Shire of Lillydale

The Shire of Lillydale (note spelling difference from the suburb of Lilydale) was a local government area about 40 kilometres (25 mi) northeast of Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, Australia. The shire covered an area of 397.49 square kilometres (153.5 sq mi), and existed from 1856 until 1994.

Shire of Lillydale
Old lga Lilydale.png
Location in Victoria
Population83,400 (1992)[1]
 • Density209.82/km2 (543.4/sq mi)
Area397.49 km2 (153.5 sq mi)
Council seatLilydale
RegionE/NE Melbourne
CountyEvelyn, Mornington
Shire of Lillydale Logo.jpg
LGAs around Shire of Lillydale:
Eltham Healesville Upper Yarra
Doncaster & Templestowe Shire of Lillydale Upper Yarra
Croydon Sherbrooke Upper Yarra


The Lillydale Road District was first created on 19 September 1856, and became a shire on 16 February 1872. It was named after Lilly de Castella, the daughter of an Australian military officer. It lost its southwestern sections, when the Borough of Ringwood (22 October 1924) and the Shire of Croydon (24 May 1961) severed from the shire and incorporated separately.[2]

On 15 December 1994, the Shire of Lillydale was abolished, and, along with the Shires of Healesville and Upper Yarra and parts of the Shire of Sherbrooke, was merged into the newly created Shire of Yarra Ranges.[3]

Council formerly met at the Shire Offices in Lilydale.

The term "Labor Omnia Vincit", on the former Shire of Lillydale logo, is Latin for "Work conquers all".


The Shire of Lillydale was divided into four ridings on 31 May 1988, each of which elected three councillors:

  • North Riding
  • East Riding
  • South Riding
  • West Riding

Suburbs and localitiesEdit


Year Population
1911 6,329
1947 13,809
1954 21,107
1958 26,990*
1961 18,284+
1966 24,467
1971 36,162
1976 50,858
1981 62,077
1986 71,564
1991 78,475

* Estimate in the 1958 Victorian Year Book.
+ Croydon severed in 1961 - combined population for 1961 is 33,978.


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