Shire of Broome

The Shire of Broome is one of the four local government areas in the Kimberley region of northern Western Australia, covering an area of 55,796 square kilometres (21,543 sq mi), most of which is sparsely populated. The Shire's estimated population as at the 2016 census was 16,222 most of whom reside in the town of Broome. Many Aboriginal communities are within the Shire, notably Beagle Bay and Bardi (One Arm Point).

Shire of Broome
Western Australia
Broome Shire Administration Centre, 2019 (01).jpg
The Shire Administration Centre, 2019
Broome LGA WA.png
Location in Western Australia
Population16,222 (2016 census)[1]
 • Density0.290740/km2 (0.753013/sq mi)
Area55,795.6 km2 (21,542.8 sq mi)
PresidentHarold Tracey[2]
Council seatBroome
State electorate(s)Kimberley
Federal division(s)Durack
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WebsiteShire of Broome
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The Shire of Broome includes the Rowley Shoals 260 km (162 mi) to the west.


The Shire of Broome was first established as the second Broome Road District on 20 December 1918, when it was separated from the West Kimberley Road District. The area had been previously represented by an earlier Broome Road District (1901-1908) and the Municipality of Broome (1904-1918) but both had merged back into the West Kimberley district.[3]

It was declared a shire with effect from 1 July 1961 following the passage of the Local Government Act 1960, which reformed all remaining road districts into shires.[3]

Elected councilEdit

The Shire is divided into two wards.

  • Broome Ward (seven councillors)
  • Dampier Ward (two councillors)
Ward Councillor Position


  Harold Tracey President [4]
  Desiree Male Deputy president
  Chris Mitchell JP
  Bruce Rudeforth Jnr
  Peter Taylor
  Nik Wevers
  Fiona West


  Elsta Foy
  Philip Matsumoto


Heritage-listed placesEdit

As of 2021, 142 places are heritage-listed in the Shire of Broome,[5][N1] of which 51 are on the State Register of Heritage Places, among them the Sun Picture Gardens, Broome Cable House and Anglican Church of the Annunciation.[6][N2]


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  • ^[N2] A search for Broome LGA returns 56 hits, of which five are for the Broomehill-Tambellup LGA and 51 for Broome LGA


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