Shinsen Shōjiroku

Shinsen Shōjiroku (新撰姓氏録, "New Selection and Record of Hereditary Titles and Family Names") is an imperially commissioned Japanese genealogical record. Thirty volumes in length, it was compiled under the order of Emperor Saga by his brother, the Imperial Prince Manta (万多親王, 788–830). Also by Fujiwara no Otsugu and Fujiwara no Sonohito et al. It was initially completed in 814, but underwent a revision to be recompleted in 815.


The record contains genealogical records for 1182 families. It categorizes these by their family roots:

  • imperial ancestry: 335 families
  • divine ancestry: 404 families; of which 246 were of direct heavenly descent, 128 were of heavenly cadet descent, and 30 of earthly divine descent.
  • foreign: 326 families; of which, 163 were from China, 104 from Baekje, 41 from Goguryeo, 9 from Silla, and 9 from Gaya.

The above categories were further subcategories by their present region of registration.

A total of 117 are listed as uncategorized.

Scholars have noted that at least one family, the Yoshida family, is listed under "imperial ancestry" but was likely of foreign origin.[1]

The three categories in Japanese are called Kōbetsu (Imperial Ancestry), shimbetsu (Divine Ancestry) and shiban (Foreign)[2]


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