Shinano no Kuni

"Shinano no Kuni" (信濃の国) is the prefecture song of Nagano Prefecture, Japan, created for educational purposes. Because of its popular appearance in public areas such as train stations and TV programs, a large segment of the prefecture's population can remember the song. Sometimes the song is used (half jestingly) to test one's patriotism to the region. The song was played during the opening ceremony of the 1998 Winter Olympics to accompany the Parade of Nations.[citation needed]

Shinano no Kuni
Emblem of Nagano Prefecture.svg
The symbol of Nagano Prefecture

Prefecture song of  Nagano Prefecture
LyricsAsai Retsu, 1899
MusicKitamura Sueharu, 1900
Adopted20 May 1968
Audio sample
Shinano no Kuni

The song was created in 1900, and was officially designated as Nagano's prefectural song on 20 May 1968.[1] The lyrics were written by Asai Retsu (浅井洌), a Nagano-born teacher, and the tune was composed by Kitamura Sueharu (北村季晴).[1]

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