Shimazu Toshihisa

Shimazu Toshihisa (島津 歳久, August 15, 1537 – August 25, 1592) was a Japanese samurai of the Azuchi-Momoyama period, he was a third son of Shimazu Takahisa, who served as a general officer and senior retainer of the Shimazu clan of Satsuma Province.

Shimazu Toshihisa
島津 歳久
Personal details
BornAugust 15, 1537
Izaku Castle
DiedAugust 25, 1592
Ryugamizu, Kagoshima
RelationsShimazu Takahisa (father)
Shimazu Yoshihisa (brother)
Shimazu Yoshihiro (brother)
Shimazu Iehisa (brother)
Military service
AllegianceMaru juji.svg Shimazu clan
UnitMaru juji.svg Shimazu clan
Battles/warsBattle of Mimigawa (1578)
Siege of Minamata Castle (1581)
Kyūshū campaign (1587)

He was fought in Battle of Mimigawa (1578), Siege of Minamata Castle (1581) during Shimazu clan campaign to conquer Kyūshū and also the commander of Shimazu clan against Toyotomi Hideyoshi, when Hideyoshi invaded Kyushu (1587). He didn't surrender to Hideyoshi and kept on fighting even after his brother Yoshihisa surrendered.[1]

Later in 1592, at the time of uprising against Hideyoshi, the incident at Taihei-ji Temple was raised as an issue; this led Hideyoshi to issue an order to track down and kill Toshihisa which made him commit suicide by seppuku at Ryugamizu.


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