Jaziira (clan)

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Sheekhaal Jazeera (Somali: Sheekhaal Jazeera, Arabic: شيخال جزيرة) are a sublcan of the noble Sheekhaal clan, who are also known as Reer Jazeera (Somali: Reer Jazeera, Arabic: أهل جزيرة) and Reer Ba-Xassan (Somali: Reer Ba-Xassan, Arabic: آل باحسن )Are a Banaadiri[1] clan mainly from the southern coastal cities of; Jazeera, Dhanaane, Marka,[1]Mogadishu and Barawa established communities in the hinterlands in towns such as Afgooye and the villages around it due to trading and farming

Regions with significant populations
Somalia:Benadir and South West State of Somalia and Jubaland
Aff Mahdoonte, Benadiri Somali, Somali and Arabic
Related ethnic groups
Reer faqi, Biido, Asharaf, Bravanese people, and other Benadiri people



The Reer Ba Hassan, who are more commonly known as Sheekhaal Jazeera get their name from the town in which their patriarch first settled in (Jazeera). The tomb of their ancestor Sheikh Muhammad Ba-Hassan is also buried in this village synonymous with this clan and it's destination of siyaaro (pilgrimages) to venerate their ancestor Sheikh Ba-Hassan.[2] This revered ancestor of the Ba Hassan is one of the "Afarta Aw 'Usmaan" (English: the 4 Osman) who are scattered along the coast of Benadir; Aw Ba Hassan (Jazeera), Aw 'Usmaan Makki (Dhanaane), Aw 'Usmaan Garweyne, Aw 'Usmaan Markayaale (Marka).[2][3]

Clan TreeEdit

  • Sheikh Maxamed Ba-Xasan:
    • Reer Xaaji(Xassan)
      • Aw Nuur
      • Cusmaan Shiikh Baxar
      • Aw Khatiib
      • Faqayow
      • Amiin Macalin
    • Reer Qaasim
      • Aw Cali
      • Obooy
      • Aw Mahdi
      • Aw Sacdi
      • Faqayow
    • Reer Maat
      • Amiin
      • Cumar Baxar
      • Sheikh Bilaan(Bilaal)


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