Shihabuddin Bayazid Shah

Shihabuddin Bayazid Shah (Persian: شهاب الدین بایزید شاه‎, Bengali: শিহাবুদ্দীন বায়েজ়ীদ শাহ) was a Sultan of Bengal for a brief period between 1413 and 1414 CE. He succeeded his father Saifuddin Hamza Shah.[1]

Shihāb ad-Dīn Bāyazīd Shāh
Sultan of Bengal
PredecessorSaifuddin Hamza Shah
SuccessorAlauddin Firuz Shah I
Born14th century
Bengal Sultanate
Bengal Sultanate
HouseIlyas Shahi
ReligionSunni Islam

Shihab ad-Din Bayazid Shah continued the friendly relation with China like his predecessors and once sent a giraffe to the Chinese emperor with a letter written on a golden leaf. He issued coins from AH 814 to AH 817. The numismatic evidence shows that he was succeeded by his son Ala ad-Din Firuz Shah, who issued coins in AH 817. According to Firishta, Raja Ganesha usurped the throne after the death of Shihab-ud-Din Bayazid Shah, while according to the Riaz-us-Salatin, a late chronicle written in 1788, Raja Ganesha killed Shihabuddin Bayazid Shah and usurped the throne.[1]

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Shihabuddin Bayazid Shah
Preceded by
Hamza Shah
Sultan of Bengal
Succeeded by
Alauddin Firuz Shah


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