Great Lakes Bantu languages

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The Great Lakes Bantu languages, also known as Lacustrine Bantu and Bantu zone J, are a group of Bantu languages of East Africa. They were recognized as a group by the Tervuren team, who posited them as an additional zone (zone J) to Guthrie's largely geographic classification of Bantu.[1]

Great Lakes Bantu
Bantu zone J
Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Lake Victoria
Linguistic classificationNiger–Congo


The languages are, according to Bastin, Coupez, & Mann (1999), with Sumbwa added per Nurse (2003):

(See also Runyakitara language, Nkore-Kiga)

The codes in parentheses are Guthrie's original geographic classification. Maho (2009) adds Yaka. Kobo was recognized later. It's said to be about equidistant between Nande and Hunde, so it's not clear where it should be in the tree above.


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