Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady

Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady and its sequel, Incident at Victoria Falls (1992), were a pair of two TV films made in 1991 under the banner Sherlock Holmes the Golden Years.[1] Harry Alan Towers was executive producer and Bob Shayne was the writer, on both.

Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady
Directed byPeter Sasdy
Produced byFrank Agrama
Riccardo Coccia
Daniele Lorenzano
Mirjana Mijojlic
Alessandro Tasca
Harry Alan Towers
Screenplay byBob Shayne
H.R.F. Keating
Based onCharacters
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
StarringChristopher Lee
Patrick Macnee
Morgan Fairchild
John Bennett
Engelbert Humperdinck
Music byDetto Mariano
CinematographyBrian West
Edited byMarcus Manton
Harmony Gold Finance Luxembourg S.A. (as Harmony Gold), Banquet et Caisse D'Epargne de l'etat, Banque Paribas Luxembourg, Silvio Berlusconi Communications
Release date
December 6, 1991
Running time
187 minutes


Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are elderly gentlemen in 1910 Vienna. They are both getting involved with Balkan terrorists and meeting again with “The Woman” the actress and leading lady Irene Adler. They save Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria from an assassination at the opera house and thus delay the onset of World War I.

The film also featured a number of historical characters involved in the plot including Eliot Ness and Sigmund Freud.



It was initially announced that there would be an eight-hour miniseries entitled The Golden Years of Sherlock Holmes.[1] The project series of eight one-hour episodes soon morphed into two three-hour films.[1]


It was shot back to back with Incident at Victoria Falls. [1]


Filming locations were in Austria, London and Luxembourg.

Home mediaEdit

Both were released in the next two years and there were drastically edited versions released by Vestron Videos.[1] The full versions are now available on DVD.


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