Shendi or Shandi (شندى) is a town in northern Sudan, situated on the east bank of the Nile River 150 km northeast of Khartoum. Shandi is also about 45 km southwest of the ancient city of Meroe. Located in the River Nile wilayah, Shandi is the center of the Ja'aliin tribe and an important historic trading center. Its principal suburb on the west bank is Al-Matamma. A major traditional trade route across the Bayuda Desert connects Al-Matamma to Marawi and Napata, 250 km to the northwest. The town is the historical capital of the powerful arabised Nubian Ja'alin tribe whom most of its denizens belong to.



Pyramids of Meroe, near Shendi
Pyramids of Meroe, near Shendi
Shendi is located in Sudan
Location in Sudan
Coordinates: 16°41′N 33°26′E / 16.683°N 33.433°E / 16.683; 33.433
Country Sudan
StateRiver Nile State
 • Total55,516


Year Population (In Thousands)
1973 (Census) 24.161
1983 (Census) 34.505
2007 (Estimate) 55.516


Very basic services and infrastructure mean that Shendi exists mainly as a center for trade in agricultural goods from nearby farms.


Roads have begun to be laid cross the city. The railway station in the city is no longer used for passenger travel, although freight trains continue to use the tracks. Shendi is home to an airport (ICAO code HSND).

Mobile telephone coverage exists within the city, the neighboring towns of Al-Misiktab and Al-Mattamah, the outlying villages, and at the ancient Meroitic pyramids to the north.


Schools exist within the town and local villages

A UNESCO funded center exists within the town to promote education in foreign languages and Information Technology.

Shendi University is a public university that was established in 1994.[1] The university draws students from across Sudan to study there.


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Coordinates: 16°41′N 33°26′E / 16.683°N 33.433°E / 16.683; 33.433