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2018 Sheffield City Region mayoral election

The inaugural Sheffield City Region mayoral election was held on 3 May 2018 to elect the mayor of the Sheffield City Region. The mayor will lead the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority. Voting is restricted to the four councils which are constituent members of the combined authority: Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. Together these councils make up South Yorkshire.

2018 Sheffield City Region mayoral election

3 May 2018 2022 →
  Official portrait of Dan Jarvis crop 2.jpg
Candidate Dan Jarvis Ian Walker Hannah Kitching
Party Labour Co-op Conservative Liberal Democrat
1st Round vote 122,635 37,738 27,146
Percentage 47.1% 14.5% 10.4%
2nd Round vote 144,154 50,619 Eliminated
Percentage 74.0% 26.0% Eliminated

Candidate Mick Bower Rob Murphy David Allen
Party Yorkshire Party Green English Democrat
1st Round vote 22,318 20,339 14,547
Percentage 8.6% 7.8% 5.6%
2nd Round vote Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated
Percentage Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated

2018 Sheffield City Region mayoral election results.svg

As the election took place using the supplementary vote system, electors were able to vote for a "first preference" candidate and a "second preference" candidate. The leading candidate needed to achieve over 50% of the first preference votes in order to be elected in the first round. As the leading candidate, Dan Jarvis, received only 47.1% of the total number of votes in the first round, the election proceeded to the second round and voters second preferences were distributed between the two leading candidates. Dan Jarvis, the Labour and Co-operative candidate, was subsequently elected in the second round with a total number of 144,154 votes.

Subsequent elections will be held in May 2022 and every four years after.[1]


Electoral systemEdit

The election used a supplementary vote system, in which voters express a first and a second preference of candidates.[2]

  • If a candidate receives over 50% of the first preference vote the candidate wins.
  • If no candidate receives an overall majority, i.e., over 50% of first preference votes, the top two candidates proceed to a second round and all other candidates are eliminated.
  • The first preference votes for the remaining two candidates stand in the final count.
  • Voters' ballots whose first and second preference candidates are eliminated are discarded.
  • Voters whose first preference candidates have been eliminated and whose second preference candidate is in the top two have their second preference votes added to the count.

This means that the winning candidate has the support of a majority of voters who expressed a preference among the top two.

All registered electors (British, Irish, Commonwealth and European Union citizens) living in the combined authority area aged 18 or over on 3 May 2018 were entitled to vote in the mayoral election.



Sheffield City Region Mayoral Election 2018[3]
Party Candidate 1st round 2nd round
 First round votes  Transfer votes 
Total Of round Transfers Total Of round
Labour Co-op Dan Jarvis 122,635 47.1% 21,519 144,154 74.0%
Conservative Ian Walker 37,738 14.5% 12,881 50,619 26.0%
Liberal Democrat Hannah Kitching 27,146 10.4%
Yorkshire Party Mick Bower 22,318 8.6%
Green Robert Murphy 20,339 7.8%
English Democrat David Allen 14,547 5.6%
South Yorkshire Save Our NHS Naveen Judah 10,837 4.2%
Turnout 260,260 25.8% Rejected ballots: 4,713
Labour Co-op win

By areaEdit


Party Candidate 1st round votes %
Labour Co-op Dan Jarvis 30,250 66.7
Conservative Ian Walker 4,774 10.5
Yorkshire Party Mick Bower 3,158 7.0
Liberal Democrat Hannah Kitching 2,302 5.1
English Democrat David Allen 1,754 3.9
Green Robert Murphy 1,249 2.8
South Yorkshire Save Our NHS Naveen Judah 1,206 2.7
Rejected ballots 686 1.5
Turnout 45,379 25.4


Party Candidate 1st round votes %
Labour Co-op Dan Jarvis 19,653 43.9
Conservative Ian Walker 7,747 17.3
Yorkshire Party Mick Bower 6,156 13.7
English Democrat David Allen 5,713 12.8
South Yorkshire Save Our NHS Naveen Judah 1,980 4.4
Liberal Democrat Hannah Kitching 1,755 3.9
Green Robert Murphy 1,280 2.9
Rejected ballots 490 1.1
Turnout 44,774 20.1


Party Candidate 1st round votes %
Labour Co-op Dan Jarvis 18,680 44.7
Conservative Ian Walker 7,071 16.9
Yorkshire Party Mick Bower 6,422 15.4
South Yorkshire Save Our NHS Naveen Judah 2,724 6.5
English Democrat David Allen 2,516 6.0
Liberal Democrat Hannah Kitching 2,145 5.1
Green Robert Murphy 1,686 4.0
Rejected ballots 526 1.3
Turnout 41,770 21.4


Party Candidate 1st round votes %
Labour Co-op Dan Jarvis 54,052 42.1
Liberal Democrat Hannah Kitching 20,944 16.3
Conservative Ian Walker 18,146 14.1
Green Robert Murphy 16,124 12.6
Yorkshire Party Mick Bower 6,582 5.1
South Yorkshire Save Our NHS Naveen Judah 4,927 3.8
English Democrat David Allen 4,564 3.6
Rejected ballots 3,011 2.3
Turnout 128,350 31.7


Conservative PartyEdit

Green Party of England and WalesEdit

  • Rob Murphy, Speaker for the Green Group on Sheffield Council[5]

English DemocratsEdit

Labour PartyEdit

Selection vote[10]
Candidate Votes Percentage
Dan Jarvis 2,584
Ben Curran 1,903

Liberal DemocratsEdit

  • Hannah Kitching, businessperson and campaigner[11]

South Yorkshire Save Our NHSEdit

Yorkshire PartyEdit



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